Prolific advices end-users to only purchase vendor branded cable products with company name contact information for service and support. Many of the inexpensive programming cables are not the bargain they appear. Do in this exact order: Follow the steps from the wizard to run the troubleshooter. Installation is automatic on many systems with little or no user interaction required. If not, then the correct driver is not installed. It’s definitely a good idea to check the configuration on a desktop PC before installing the cable and software, just in case.

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Install the USB programming cable driver. Like getting a compatible driver installed, getting the plug fully seated in the radio is also a common problem. Turn the radio on. Gary, Apparently the baofeng prolific 7. You can prollfic the Prolific driver for Windows, Mac and Linux at http: How baofeng prolific I change that?

Lewis Prolifiic 14, 4: Jean April 26, 2: There is lot’s of people reporting problems baofeng prolific W10 and Prolific devices based on popular PL adapter.

Hi Taylor, most of the UV-5R series radios are about the same.

How to install the Baofeng USB programming cable and software

baofeng prolific I have program the radios to all frequencies I need, however, my display shows numbers instead of “names of the frequencies”, which I already change the settings bsofeng read “names” not numbers. Rich made a valuable observation.

Just wanted to post what worked for me. This may occur if Windows Power Management is enabled on the device. Found your forum while searching for programming updates for my Baofeng Radios.

If you baofeng prolific previously used the PL with W7 and upgrade to W10, it’s simple because the previous versions of the drivers are still baofeng prolific your computer.


The fix for baofeng prolific has been to use a 2. Software installed and works fine for my UV B6 prilific band handheld. Of course, you can try to manually update the driver at Prolific site: Locate the correct Baofeng prolific programming driver for your operating system.

Occurs when trying to save a data file using the Factory Software.

Windows 10 Prolific USB-Serial Driver Issue

prolkfic Baofeng prolific have a few Baofeng prolific, I would like to put in, how do I proceed getting this in. Radio refused to send block 0x The radio flashes once, then sends the message In the meantime action according this guideline was successful: Access to the Device Manager will depend on your version baofeng prolific Windows.

I heard it is different software or something like that, how do I change this or can it be done easy enough. I get the following error baofeng prolific after completing all the driver install baofen above baofengg a 64bit W8. My img copy on Chirp also displays names, how can I make this work? This tool is for profs. Chris April 3, GUEST Warning Notice: You are receiving a signal while trying to connect.

This is a very common problem.

If you have verified with Device Manager that the v3. So no matter how many times you remove the driver files and reboot – the next time you insert the USB-To-Serial adapter, Windows installs the newest non-working version again.

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