Please refer to the printer driver advantages white paper PDF English only for detailed compatibility information and recommendations to optimize your experience. On the Image Quality tab select Auto Exposure. Y dimensions range from 15 to mm 0. You may not be obligated to pay for the goods received under these circumstances. X dimensions range from 15 to mm 0. When can I expect delivery?

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Page Enter the exact same number in Step 6 and Step 8. This option docucolor 2240 you to remove the shadow caused by the center binding of docucolor 2240 documents when they are copied. First, Second, Third, and Fourth. Select the job you want to check using the up and down arrow buttons.

Global Printer Driver – Xerox

The default docucolor 2240 0, Promote Disabled. How is my sales tax calculated? Perform an Auto Gradation Adjustment. Select the desired Output Color on docucolor 2240 Basic Scanning docucilor. Xerox also offers a free universal printer driver ideal for IT administrators and large enterprises. B4, Docucolor 2240, 11×17 in. Output Format Tab Allows you to create a poster size reproduction of the original document by creating multiple images that can be trimmed and joined together after.

Sets the time zone that you are in. Deletes all accounts and all account information associated with each account. Page Adjust the back edge guide until it lightly touches the paper.

How docucolor 2240 you determine whether to charge sales tax? Reports readings and to print reports. Moving may damage the equipment, carpet or floor.

Find Recommended Printer and Specialty Paper Stock & Printing Media

Docucolor 2240 Transparencies cannot be delivered to the Finisher Tray. If Docucolor 2240 place docucooor order for an item on backorder, do you charge my credit card? Variable Repeat With docucolor 2240 option you can specify the number of dlcucolor that will print on a single sheet by selecting the number of rows and columns. Calling for Service 7— 2 0 There is information and support available at www. Sets the tone when copying has been completed successfully.

Select Start to make copies.

Page Repeat for each of the three 3 cleaning slots. Page 80 lb. Docucolor 2240 of fine or imprisonment may be imposed on those guilty of making such reproductions.


Brother Color and Mono Supplies. This truly universal 22400 driver is compatible with Docucolor 2240 and other manufacturers’ products, but the driver’s functionality varies by product model.

Please view the list of system requirements to check for client compatibility. Print Providing the correct environmental parameters, as docucolor 2240 in the Xerox installation procedures, ensures that concentration levels meet safe limits.

Shipping is FREE for all supplies orders placed on xerox. Remove the docucolor 2240 cartridge from vocucolor box. The higher the scanning resolution, the larger the image file created.

Finisher Tray is delivered face down.

Recommended Paper for Printers – Xerox

This feature electronically records the number of copies or prints made for each user account and docucolor 2240 the access and use of the docucolor 2240. Select from dpi, dpi, dpi, or dpi. Page 52 Select Start to make copies or Save to select additional features.

For certain Xerox devices, the driver may initially default to the “Basic Printing Mode. This setting is not used when there is a DADF on the machine. Place the document face down, and align it against the inside left cover of the Document Glass. Versant Versant Press the down arrow to shift docucolor 2240 image toward the bottom edge.

Page 50 The following options are available: This docucolor 2240 explains how to enter the System Settings Mode. Network Controller – 1 Network Controller – 2 4— 2 4 Auto Gradation Adjustment is a color calibration for the copier and printer.

Press the Save button to return to the Image Quality screen. Learn more about My Supplies. Do not fill the paper tray above the fill line.

They may have some information about your equipment when they call you, but they will ask you for more information, or to reorder supplies. How do I know if a docucolor 2240 is in stock? Page Network Controller – 1 Network Controller – 2 4— docucolor 2240 4 Auto Gradation Adjustment is a color docucolor 2240 for the copier and docucolof. The software provided with the Network Controller must be installed and configured properly.