With Cubase, it slides alone, we do not need to touch the soft card, all is order directly from Cubase! Manuel simple and clear.. Our members also liked: Many inputs and outputs although when we bump with a mixer and a lot of machine hardware , good opportunities in terms of connections. Latencies obtained with my computer config rather heavy-handed: Wavelab and Nuendo used on, or even Cooledit V

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So I can eg vocoder my voice in my micromodular without or even turn on my computer!

I thought to use it to make the sound but the analog-to-digital converters audio input are not good and have disappointed me. Linux is not supported and probably never will be.

Roland Edirol Ua-101 USB Audio Interface Tracking Ship

Great reliability and latency even though I’m not confident about USB solutions The manufacturing quality seems to be good, the sound is excellent no buzz or hum except with preamps at max. It is true that there are not many reviews on this card, perhaps because there is not much to say except that it works as it should, without installation history, driver nickel, its just right What characteristics have motivated your choice?

It’s a product you can forget about, it has no useless features, it just works. More than enough for my needs. The small notebook of time a P4 morfler a bit, but it will be out.

Roland Edirol Ua USB Audio Interface Tracking Ship | eBay

I used to play with a classical organ of that I converted in MIDI The firm has an original sound speaker sub-woofer and 2 other 15 inch 10 inch is also connected with the UA through my Edirok amp.

Not really tested the number of tracks recordable and readable at the same time, it must be pretty huge because of the limited activity of the CPU when I read a dozen stores and two! The online manual is useful for understanding the subtleties qq internal uw-101. Manuel simple and clear. The user’s manual is clear and the product is easy to use.


I previously tested several Firewire sound cards, which didn’t work properly with Leopard and my Lucent chipset.

Sort by most recent most useful. Many inputs and outputs although when we bump with a mixer and a lot of machine hardwaregood opportunities in terms of connections.

Re-iterate the experience with a newer PC and carefree, I uaa-101 the concerns of the period were rather soft and even the little USB Controller piercing and quite comsumption resources Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.

Latencies obtained edlrol my computer config rather heavy-handed: The manual is clear, all fawn is not a factory gas. I record six track 24 bit 96Khz with no problem My latenceje not feel it so I never see if there is or not Monitor output, two HS80M Erirol I am delighted to have bought this product because now I play live and I can take it anywhere without being cluttered and have a quick config is set up.

When everything is properly configured, everything is wonderful I recommend this external card without hesitation. The report price is trs good quality, the quality of building air to the appointment, the sound is excellent my ears, uq-101 buzz or blown away with pramp bottom.

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With Cubase, it slides alone, we do not need to touch the soft card, all is order directly from Cubase! Unlike Previous notice the OS X drivers did not exist the era.

Installation is super simple and the sound is really great! Latency is imperceptible and the direct monitoring almost perfect.

It’s great to mix several synths or to route the signals freely between inputs and outputs For three years I use Mac with Ediril with the same happiness. It has already been pushed into a corner with a record 8 tracks simultaneously. Log in Become a member.

I have not tried more