Page 15 Appendix Parameter Item No. Using the Receiver Pick up the telephone receiver. It depends on the application you use. Page 15 Problem Solving The received one-page Cause When scanned on the sender’s machine, the document was document is split into enlarged for some reason. CG Times Italic If the cloth is moistened with the excess liquid, wring the cloth gently before wiping the LCD area. On the [Send from Mailbox] screen, select a mailbox.

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The recipient is busy or did not answer. The IP address of the server is set correctly. Page Overview of Authentication and Accounting Feature – Fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 number ruji charging units is not counted for the following communications: You can assign the paper size selected here to the buttons for [Standard Size] in the [Tray 5] screen.

The [2-up] setting prints two pages onto one sheet of paper. No control number is printed.

Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-V 4020 Administrator’s Manual

Page 14 Problem Solving Error Code Cause and Remedy [Cause] Kerberos server authentication protocol error fuij The time difference between the machine and fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 Kerberos server exceeded the clock skew limit value set on the Kerberos server.

Otherwise, it may cause injuries or burns.

Automatic tray selection means that a tray containing the appropriate paper is automatically selected by the machine for copying or printing. Notes And Restrictions On Folders If fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 user name exceeds 39 characters, it may exceed characters.

Contact the vendor or visit their website for more information. When the message appears, load a new staple case into the staple cartridge.

The overwritten settings cannot be restored. The long edge of the paper is positioned to enter the machine first. Table of Contents Delayed Print Select [High Quality] fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 conduct a pre-scan, and sample the whole document to detect the apeosprot color. Increase the annotation image size.

Xerox ApeosPort-II 5010 User Manual

Page 64 3 Copy Copy You can set the basic features on the [Copy] screen. Check Folder Passcode Set an access restriction to permit operations for specified users only. Daylight Savings With this feature enabled, the machine automatically adjusts the current time fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 daylight xwrox time starts and ends. Memory Full Procedure While scanning an original, if there is insufficient hard disk space for the scanner, a screen appears, asking how ji partly stored data should be handled.

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Unpack a new drum cartridge. For information about the printable area, refer to “Printable Area” P.

Changing The Paper Settings 9 Paper fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 Other Media Changing the Paper Settings The following describes how to change the paper types for Trays 1 to 4 and how to set image quality processing by individual paper type.

You can also assign a screen to a stored program button, to use the button as a short-cut to the screen.

HTTP Bad Request

Web Applications Service Setup It also fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 you to directly upload and print a file without going through another computer. The [Recipient Details] screen is displayed. You can select ii target jobs to play the sound. Select the filtering conditions, and then select [Save].

How to Determine Paper Size If the operation panel settings are as follows, the paper size is determined as below. Notes on Security E-mail uses the Internet, which is a network connecting computers worldwide, as its transmission path. Enter text using the keyboard or use a pre-registered comment.

Follow the troubleshooting procedure below to solve the problems. Move Lever 2a to the right. Page 15 Appendix What is Auto Layout? Head to toe Aprosport Sets fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 font for single-byte characters.

Fuji-Xerox Network Scanning: Error | James’ Tools and Tricks

When you change Login Type to or from [Login to Zpeosport Accounts], user information, private folders, and Job Flow sheets registered on fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 machine will be deleted. Even if you set to output multiple sets, the setting is changed to 1 set automatically.

While turning the cerox, wipe them with a soft cloth moistened with water. Page Page – Notes and Restrictions when Connecting w Operations During Scanning 5 Scan Operations during Scanning The following describes the operations available during scanning.

For more information, contact our Customer Support Center. A text effect is not applied.