There is more information about cables and part numbers under the topic “My KoKo will not calibrate”. To auto-select reports, perform the following steps. If your computer is not under warranty there will be a charge for service. If not, turn it on. Inside this box click File – Open Design and open the report that you want to assign as the automatic report for a certain test type.

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Printer for koko Printer Specs This file requires adobe reader Get Acrobat Reader We koko spirometer all of the supplies needed for testing from patient filters, 3 liter syringes to calibrate the spirometers, and a variety of PFT supplies such as noseclips, mouthpieces, and Wavicide sterilization liquid. Click spkrometer system koko spirometer and make sure there is a check mark in front of the choice “Basic Dialogs” if you want the abbreviated patient data input; ensure the check mark is off koko spirometer you prefer extended patient dialogs.

Under pneumotach calibration click OK. We recommend that you back up both databases that you want merged onto external media. After opening the report to be changed in the report designer you can do most anything from adding fields to removing fields to adding koko spirometer removing color bars.

Your only option is to have your computer evaluated and repaired.

KoKo Legend II Spirometer

It is recommended that the KoKo reports koko spirometer spirommeter are copied to media other than the standard hard drive that the program is running from. See our Service Policy for details. The KoKo program makes a copy of the internal KoKo koko spirometer.

Inside the effort protocol box is a small box koko spirometer the right bottom labeled “Pediatric”. It will not hurt to completely delete all data in this report however your calibration data will then be gone.

Click the System – Preferences – Predicteds. If you save changes mistakenly, you can open up your BAK file and save it on top of the one you are trying to edit and start over.

If you have your KoKo serial number registered with us under koko spirometer service agreement there will be no charge for the repair.

New Generation of KoKo Spirometers

You can just skip by that. Look at the size of the files in both databases to determine which one is the largest. To perform the following procedures you will need koko spirometer have your Windows 7 computer set to see hidden files and to show file name extensions.


It is moderately easy to do and is worth a koko spirometer.

While in the testing spiroometer, click on the selection at the top koko spirometer “Setup” then select “Effort Protocal” in the drop down menu. In addition if a corrupted database is backed up, the backup becomes corrupted. Desktop computers will sometimes need to have the power cord physically removed koko spirometer the wall for a few minutes.

Open the Quick Guide or search for Help Topics. You will need to overwrite the report template files onto you new computer. If not, turn koko spirometer on.

koko spirometer Calibration passed but my Flow Volume Loops are very small during testing. If all else fails the unit can be returned for depot repair by Respitech Medical. Please call for pricing and availability.

PC Based Spirometers

Apirometer external drive or flash drive can be safely utilized. If you own koko spirometer Serial KoKo handle denoted by having a spiromeyer phone type cable connection your only option is to find an older XP computer with a serial port on it, or with koko spirometer 32 bit computer you can use a USB to Serial adapter.

Click on File – Communication – Read test series koko spirometer. If you continue to have difficulty you can contact our service department at Click the Start menu and select Settings.

To achive the above you will need to have your Windows 7 set to koko spirometer hidden files and to show file name extensions. KoKo koko spirometer template files are located at different locations depending upon the version of the Windows operating system and if the KoKo software was installed directly or upgraded.

Sending in a unit without an RMA may result in in a delay in the repair of your product. Open the database folder. Koko spirometer you own v 4.