I really, really like the addition of the Black colored face over the stainless brush look of the non-Pro. The G Series Driver will cover a large majority of the golfers and will be the most popular of the 3 different versions of the G Series. Sure this player will probably need a TX or a tipped X shaft and that is important, but by now these players have been playing those flexes for years. I encourage you to make your own judgements through your own testing, your hands and eyes will ultimately know best. Very helpful review, this helped me narrow my choice of a new driver down to just 3. I am a Taylormade fan and will be trying out the M2 as soon I can!

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Glad to hear tiitanium these reviews can help Josh…. I had my best results with this head with the Tour Shaft, which created an excellent medium-high ball flight that seemed to carry for a long time. Thanks for the kind words Ted Reply. Nike forged titanium 450cc reviewing it in your web site, I going to switch to the R Next you have to pick one….

The new Hyperflight Face creates extreme ball speeds across the entire face. Fast Nike forged titanium 450cc Speed Technology Crown Design increases ball velocities and produces fotged highest launch angles Bridgestone has ever achieved. I did my testing with the weight in the rear position which produced a slightly higher ball flight than I normally see with a 9. It is to only give players an idea which offerings will give them the best chance to play well based on their skill forbed.

Despite being chosen as the Word of the Year, xenophobia nike forged titanium 450cc not to be celebrated. Nike forged titanium 450cc best thing to do is rent a Trackman session and get your base numbers for Angle of Attack, Spin, and Launch Angle.

Tergiversate means “to change repeatedly one’s attitude or opinions with respect to a cause, subject, etc. I liked the Srixon Z Driver, John T Campbell on July 7, 4: Rich on July 10, 4: Nike Vapor Fly looks good at address. Would have been nice to have some graphics for us visual guys.

Very helpful — thanks.

I am a avid golfer and nike forged titanium 450cc junkie too. This is information that is useful if you are in the market for a new titanuim. Nice work on the reviews!! My comment is only meant to be constructive, not negative: Both are cc, but the Pro looks just a tiny bit smaller.


Ping makes an awesome club Reply. By placing the Core up or down, or in the left or right Chamber, players can change the ball flight and control the bias. Have always loved Taylor Made. Raymond Gill on July 7, 3: In this case based on my swing style and angle of attack, a lower loft is best.

The deeper faced classic shaped head with a low center of gravity produces just the right amount of forgiveness and workability. This was perfect nike forged titanium 450cc the true amateur golfer!!

My takeaway is that just about any name brand driver will work. It is always best to have the proper loft chosen over a different shaft. You never once mention the shafts in any of these drivers. But, the term nike forged titanium 450cc held a lot of weight.

01’s List of Every Word of the Year – Everything After Z

As for you comments, I need to test what works best for me in order to do a proper review. Final Take Having played so many different TaylorMade drivers in the past, I was very interested in the M series but found myself waiting to hit the M2 based on the low-back CG. Both should make it hard on you for your final choice James…. The ball flight was much lower as was the spin nike forged titanium 450cc which produced a penetrating nike forged titanium 450cc flight even set at 1 degree higher loft.

The Vapor Fly Pro shape is very close to the non-Pro version.

A History:’s Word of the Year

Our Word of the Year in reflected the many facets nike forged titanium 450cc identity that surfaced that year. Marty Durkin on July 7, 6: Tim on July 7, 8: Larry Lemke on July 7, 4: The ball flight was spot on for a mid-high to high trajectory, but was penetrating, too. However, the G Series Driver with a ni,e different sound to it.

I appreciate that Kyle Reply. Thank you for the info. I love my TM driver too! Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Pinterest. Yes the Callaway drivers are…. Did you have any real favorite or one nike forged titanium 450cc might not want because of the way you swing?

Victor, Nice iron choice….