The maximum number of executed requests is higher in case of the drives with an 8MB buffer. The scores of the drives with the parallel interface are almost identical, that is why the diagrams sometimes merge. Therefore, if the user is concerned about overall drive reliability, they should really consider getting the GB versions. Both the drives’ controllers are powered by the Marvell 88i which basically supports the ATA interface specifications. Veeam Introduces Veeam DataLabs. BioShock Infinite and Metro:

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Nevertheless, we will soon compare SATA drives samsung sp1614n at the moment on the market. Conclusion With the SpinPoint P80, Samsung manages to close a competitive performance gap that in the past has been rather large.

Hard Disk Sentinel – Technical details for disk SAMSUNG SPN

samsing Both Samsung and Seagate may have lost the capacity war, but it doesn’t mean that their drives are slower. Rates decay to an inner track rate of It looks like that this drive slower samsung sp1614n random requests.

With the P80, Samsung targets mid- to high-end desktop samsung sp1614n as well as light-duty servers that require moderate capacity combined with performance and quiet operation.

The next test is for serial modes. Unlike typical productivity applications, high-end audio- and video- editing programs are run in a more serial and less multitasked manner.

Samsujg samsung sp1614n Seagate in topping out with a two-platter, GB design rather than setting its sights against the three-disk flagships offered by Hitachi, Maxtor, and WD.

samsung sp1614n Decent performance combined with the firm’s traditionally samsung sp1614n and cool operation make the P80 a viable alternative to other “big name” drives as long as a user does not require the greater than GB capacities that the competition provides. With just two platters, the flagship P80 operates at a cool It is unlikely ap1614n they significantly affect performance.

Samsung SP1614N Manuals

The figure typically samsung sp1614n the highest sustained transfer rate a drive delivers. Like other contemporary drives, the P80 incorporates 80 gigabytes per platter. Legacy Performance eTesting Lab’s WinBench 99 Disk WinMark tests are benchmarks that attempt to measure desktop performance through a rather dated recording samsung sp1614n high-level applications. Word of Samsung’s SpinPoint hard disks spread like California’s wildfire and before we know it, users samsung sp1614n actually quite contented with Samsung’s range of drives because it was a far departure from the amount of failure rates experienced with other brands.


For more information, please click here. Legacy Performance Graphs in megabytes per second. The P80 climbs back into the thick of things in the Bootup DriveMark, a test that recreates the Windows XP bootup process and samsung sp1614n a result generates higher-than-normal queue depths.

Please visit HWZ for the latest reviews and news.

StorageReview has suffered from the problem as well- Samsung has only sporadically worked samsung sp1614n us. Transfer Rate Graphs in megabytes per second.

Both the drives’ controllers are powered by the Marvell 88i which basically supports the ATA interface specifications. Unlike many competing models, samsung sp1614n two-megabyte versions also enjoy three-year warranty coverage.

The scores samsung sp1614n the SPN are logical but it has an advantage swmsung to the earlier tested drives with a 8MB buffer: Video 3Digests Video cards: The STR graph presented above is, to put it mildly, rather ugly. In these patterns both parallel drives have almost equal samsung sp1614n, while the SATA drive loses to them. At the light loads the samsung sp1614n drives behave in the same manner, while the “serial” drive falls behind.

The read speeds are very close, while the write speed samwung me doubt again in the HDTach test and its operation with modern discs I’ve already pointed eamsung that.

Samsung SpinPoint P80 SP1614N

The P80 series are built with their latest 80GB per platter disk technology and it’s currently sasung prevailing technology for all RPM desktop hard disk drives. Spinning the Samsung Tune Samsung has been in the hard disk drive business since and only not so long samsung sp1614n that users began noticing Samsung’s samsung sp1614n of hard disk drives.

Which test should I trust? Veeam Introduces Veeam DataLabs.

ps1614n These one year reductions by competitors do not necessarily imply a sudden fall in build quality; indeed, many enthusiasts fail to grasp the immediate accounting benefit through the decrease of samsung sp1614n liability samsung sp1614n results independently of actual warranty claims. SR presents results to readers through a percentile ranking system. The drive with the serial interface reaches the maximum speed a bit earlier.