You get a lot for the extra money. Samsung prominently quote the “horizontal dot pitch” in their specs for the DF. So if you load up a mostly-black test pattern and perfectly adjust your monitor so the outer border line hits the edge of the screen as immaculately as you can manage, and then go back to looking at a mostly-white word processor screen, you’ll discover that the image has expanded enough that half of the close box in the top right corner of your program window has fallen off the edge of the viewable area. You will find yourself compelled to do things you never thought possible. CRT glass has to be quite thick, because monitors are great big vacuum tubes. And it’s just intensity variation, not hue variation; bits of the screen are a little brighter or darker than they should be, but not the wrong colour, and the screen is very evenly illuminated – the corners aren’t any dimmer overall than the middle, that I can see. They’re really close enough to being flat for all practical purposes.

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Congratulations – you’ve just moved a distance equal to the horizontal dot pitch.

At byit can manage 85Hz. Samsung describe the “DynaFlat” tube in the DF as being “infinitely flat”, which is a claim I’d like to see backed up by electromicrographs syncmaster 753df the, presumably, indivisible subatomic infinite-frequency wavefront of which the tube must be made. For this reason, the syncmaster 753df side of the DynaFlat tube isn’t flat.

Fewer reflection problems, less image 753sf, right?

The DynaFlat tube really is different, and better. I’m loath to make image syncmaster 753df judgements when I don’t actually have all of the contestants in front of me, being fed an identical signal.

Samsung SyncMaster 753DF 17″ CRT Monitor

These sets of three dots are called “dot triads”. It’s most obvious when you’re scrolling text on a white background, and the text syncmaster 753df but the slight unevennesses in the background don’t. It’s good for only bymaximum. But you’ll only be 0. Because 753ff rectangular pixel grid doesn’t map cleanly onto a tessellated-triangles dot triad pattern, you need about 1.

Curving the inside of the front glass lets monitor makers deliver a flat front, syncmaeter reducing the amount of glass they syncmaster 753df to use.

Samsung SyncMaster DF Manuals

The flat-front, curved-back design is isn’t a bad compromise, by the way, even if the back curvature is enough that 7753df “flat” monitor’s image doesn’t syncmaster 753df any flatter than that of a plain curved-front monitor. The higher refractive index is a side effect, and an unwanted one. Some people get really excited about “the flat thing”. The syncmaster 753df refractive index makes it split light more dramatically into a spectrum than plain glass can.


Monitor glass is “leaded” – lead oxide’s added to the molten glass in place of the calcium oxide used in ordinary soda-lime glass.

Sony CPD-G monitor – Sybcmaster very syncmastter 19 inch screen and dual video inputs, but a pretty serious price too It’s got syncmaster 753df integrated normal 15 pin D-sub video lead. Chances are that your video drivers won’t syncmaster 753df you use 65Hz anyway.

Subtracting the hyperbole from Samsung’s ultimate-flatness claim, though, they’re basically right. Some syncmaster 753df seem perfectly happy with cheap monitors running at their highest resolutions, even though the image is really quite blurry. The smaller the dot pitch, the more phosphor dots there are per unit area of screen, and the higher a resolution you can clearly display.

This is because it has an unusually small dot pitch – the distance between one phosphor dot on the screen and its nearest neighbours of the syncmaster 753df colour.

You can put the edge of a ruler on the surface of the syncmaster 753df in any orientation you like, and there won’t be air under 73df anywhere. It exacerbates the apparently-concave problem, if the phosphor side syncmaster 753df actually dead flat.

Samsung SyncMaster 753DF Manuals

But you’re syncmaster 753df too likely to use even that mode, because in by it only supports a maximum refresh rate of 65 Hertz Hz – screen syncmaster 753df per second. BNC connectors are commonly seen on larger monitors, but not on 17s.

It’s not quite as bad as the 60Hz syncmaster 753df modern computers usually default to – in order to ensure compatibility with whatever monitor they’re using – but it’s not good. The SyncMaster DF is not just a face in the crowd. There’s a complete suite of geometry adjustments, plus moire, and colour temperature, and “zoom” to adjust horizontal and vertical size simultaneously, and all the rest of syncmaster 753df fiddly symcmaster.

Samsung SyncMaster DF 17″ CRT Monitor | eBay

I’ve seen much blotchier monitors than this, though. Most affordable monitors syncmaster 753df relatively simple surface treatments, which just try to cut down glare without eating syncmastet many of the photons trying to get out. Web hosting kindly provided by SecureWebs.