The only thing which I highly recommend is that I watched a couple YouTube videos on how to solder. I noticed that my power socket was loose and found this article. This fix has worked great. Well, I feel sheepish. That is a steal!!!!! Send it directly to Toshiba not authorized service center because it might be cheaper. My jack broke yesterday and Geek Squad told me that I need a whole new mother board.

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Thanks so much for this DYI fix for the Now the laptop charges and all is well. Toshiba satellite l355d-s7815 website satellitee got going on here. Any of the models toshiba satellite l355d-s7815 above may use either center pin sizes, please verify the size you need. But satelltie with your help I know I will be able to do it again by my own. Hello there, … Thank you for all the job — it was easy to dissassemble the Toshiba LD… I have bought the new DC connector and satelkite looks almost the same as yours, but there are 3 leads, not 2 as on yours.

So i want to say Thank You for this site it was very helpful. Then after reading your site i toshiba satellite l355d-s7815 to take this on i had nothing to lose. This makes me wonder…. M Series, M series, M Series. How do I check polarity?

Batterie ordinateur portable

L, D, D, D I also see the power jack inside the laptop displaced and pushed in, can toshiba satellite l355d-s7815 alone cause that problem too? This bulletin documents the several different methods for gaining access to the BIOS Setup feature of most models of Toshiba computers. This utility provides a relatively user-friendly way to change the BIOS settings.

I was happy because I thot this was going to work. I have the same issue and its killing me!!!!!!

Power jack repair in Toshiba Satellite L305 L355

Unsolder wires from the jack. If your laptop has no video after re-assembly, always check Toshiba satellite l355d-s7815 modules first. If you have the same results with three different jack, most likely this is motherboard failure, not the jack problem.

Make sure memory modules are seated correctly. I ensured that power connector has no room to move and stays in place snuggly and tightly…seems to be working great for me. Firts of all thank you very much for this great solution because this jack will never cave in. Many people like to use those cold heat soldering irons. The thread locking compound that I used will probably prevent this from happening. Once I could recognise the locking strip and move it away the ribbon came free.

I repaired my loose power jack LD model with high heat hot glue — plenty of room toshiba satellite l355d-s7815 socket for a bit of this stuff and there is some support to help hold the dried glue firmly in place. I just sliced up a large pencil eraser to 3 mm thickness toshiba satellite l355d-s7815 a L This allows me to revert to the stock jack although toshiba satellite l355d-s7815 a now threaded hole. It was my nephews LD.

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I plugged in the charger but nothing happened. There was plenty of room behind the jack and extra wire length. Hopefully by the end of the toshiba satellite l355d-s7815 I will have finished this repair on my pd. Push floating power socket in slightly to expose gap.

Only somehow I managed to mess my trackpad up in the process. By the way, most of the Radio Shack stores had that part in stock.

Make sure to use rosin-core solder. The pics and instructions were dead on. As you see, I soldered wires at a 90 degree angle to the jack so the top cover and the right toshhiba fits in. After all was said and done — the repair as toshiba satellite l355d-s7815 wrote it works great!

Be sure to blow the dust out of the computer. I ordered a satellitte keyboard toshiba satellite l355d-s7815 that I must have hurt the lines in the toshiba satellite l355d-s7815 ribbon but the problem continued….

Worked amazingly on my Toshiba Satellite A I simply put a spacer between the back of the Toshiba jack and the speaker housing; which basically forces the jack into its mounts and removes any possible movement.

Thanks so much for the help. I mean from what I see and read the connector is not sodered to the board so the wires toshiba satellite l355d-s7815 be in tact? Removal of 2 of the 4 plug ins from the motherboard is not easy.

The problem I had before I did the fix was that the jack itself was dead.

Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

The touchpad board satelllite a board where left and right click buttons located. I simply screwed the radio shack into the plastic with pliers.

You would think the manufactures satellire fix this issue. So glad I came across your page! I used a drill to enlarge the power adapter hole and the new power adapter screwed toshiba satellite l355d-s7815 without any issues at all. My L has been in for warranty repair for this problem twice, and it broke loose again this evening 3-months out of warranty.