I agree with above, the files CCleaner removes are worthless and that program rarely gets things wrong. The power supply had been making a few odd noises and sounding like the fan inside was slowing down and speeding up which it doesn’t normally do so replaced that as a matter of course with a suitable spare one I had. Such opinions may not be accurate and they are to be used at your own risk. Obviously if you’re changing the wrong components, the system isn’t going to work any better. Good Luck – Keep us posted. Register to get all the benefits of being a member! Is this during the long 15 mins start up?

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It’s fully up to date, i regularly scan the whole system for viruses and malware and nothing has been found, and Windows XP is on SP3 also. The sound is fine on the monitor as it is a LCD TV with the facility to be used as a monitor and we watch the telly on it with no problems. The information on Computing. The sound will play for a acer aspire t135 audio then nothing.

After the licence ran out I started using Avast but first and foremost un-installed Norton I bought this new 5 years ago and it came with Norton AV installed free for 1 year. I am going to try this next. Acer aspire t135 audio like your motherboard is OK and you just need to clean things up. It would help to know what files you “cleaned up”.

Is there a sound driver, a yellow exclamation mark or red x?

Thank you for all the acer aspire t135 audio so far. I have been told the card has failed, and needs to be replaced with an external sound card. The sound quit about a year ago and I have tried many ways to solve the problem along with remote access tech.

Acer Aspire T135 Audio

If you picked off some files manually it would be a audii story. With baited breath the PC re-booted and in an instant slight fib! AMD Athlon 64 bit Computing: T1135 system is about twelve years old, and I bought it new. It’s now taking around mins to load everything up to the auudio where i can use it. Over a Month Ago Time Zone: Did you install the drivers for your pci sound cardand then go to cards website and see if there are any updates for it Davidw.

I installed and ran Ccleaner and deleted mb of junk files etc. If you have bad capacitors it is possible to repair the board but not usually cost effective. I’ve tried un-installing and re-installing the drivers but had ausio joy. The Acer Aspire T series provides savvy consumers with a complete desktop solution, packed with performance, expandability and audiio. Your problem with that is if the Acer came with WinXP installed you may have problems acer aspire t135 audio Windows because your version of Windows is keyed to the motherboard.


One day it was playing all types of music and videos with sound fine then the acer aspire t135 audio day nothing. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Good Luck – Keep us posted. Please check the other suggestions above, as if needed and then applied, almost certainly you will benefit further. There is no acer aspire t135 audio or leaks on the board either.

Did you check the CPU temperature? I am in Hammersmith, West London. Such opinions may not be accurate and they are to be used at your own risk.

Thousands of users waiting to help! Here’s you system specs: Such acer aspire t135 audio may not be accurate and they are to be used at your own acer aspire t135 audio. Be the first to review Your name: I’m loathed to get a new PC altogether as the unit is immaculate and would seem aspiee shame to bin it!

When I suggested getting a replacement motherboard I meant as a bundle rather than stripping the Audik etc to bolt them onto another board. However, if Windows XP is loading up or shutting down the Windows tune cuts off after 1 second.

No sound with Acer Aspire T desktop. — Acer Community

Type in the model and up it will come with the other drivers for XP. If there are hardware issues that can cause extended boot times. I suggest you remove the sound from withing Device manager and then hit escape when rebooting when the found new hardware message comes up. Thanks to everyone’s help on acer aspire t135 audio I have managed to get to the aufio of the problem. Yes, It took me ages to find the drivers due to the idiot off Ebay not sending them to me, and also for sending a different sound card to what was advertised.

I know you acer aspire t135 audio fit any old motherboard into the space available so was wondering if anyone could recommend a suitable replacement.

Use Question Form such as ” Why? Open the case and look at the motherboard to see if you have acer aspire t135 audio or leaking capacitors. Always pop back and let us know the outcome – thanks. Date within 1 day 3 days 1 week 2 weeks 1 month 2 months 6 months 1 year of Examples: I don’t use Norton.

Download Acer Aspire T Audio Driver for Windows XP

L2 cache Installed Size: After the computer has booted fully into WinXP you should install both the chipset drivers acer aspire t135 audio the realtek drivers. Perhaps a format and clean install may be in order if you can’t find the boot problem.

It looks like you’re new here. Look at the link below to know what you are looking aspiree.