Press the Info button to highlight the previous number. This setting can be used for creative depth-of-field images. Since the brand name is licensed to OEM companies. Changing Other Settings Beeps By default, the ePhoto emits an audible beep whenever an image is captured or to indi- cate an error condition. Disconnect the camera or view the images on your TV set. Personal tools Log in.

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Insert the memory card with the notched edge toward the top of the camera and push it all the way in. Simply double-click the epuoto file to install it. Taking Pictures with the Self-timer The ePhoto contains a self-timer that delays the shutter for 10 seconds after you press the shutter button.

Its first success was in agfa ephoto cl18 developer Rodinal. Then follow these guidelines: Protection against outdated software. This page agfa ephoto cl18 been accessed 79, times. Using Quicklink Using PhotoWise cont.

AGFA ePhoto ePHOTO 1280 User Manual

To copy an image within an album, hold down the Ctrl key Windows or Option agfa ephoto cl18 Macintoshclick on the image and drag it to the desired location. In chemical scientist Momme Andresen drove the company to enter photo chemistry.

Pressing To view an image in a set at full epnoto Hold the camera steady and take the picture again. Agfa ephoto cl18 the camera agfa ephoto cl18 your computer. The flash may be turned off. The camera may be connected to a TV. Viewing Images in Your Camera cont. Go to the previous page Return to the Contents page Go to the next page You can also click on any underlined text in blue to go to the page for that topic e. Press the Video Viewfinder button. In Agfa ephoto cl18 Agfa had a huge success with its popular “Ritsch-Ratsch” pocket cameras, which accepted cartridge film.

Eohoto after the Second World War, IG Farben was broken up by the occupying powers because of its close association with the Nazi government. Refer all ser- vicing to qualified service personnel.


Date and Time When you press the Info button twice, the date and time are displayed at the bottom of the screen in addition to the battery indicator and image counters: Windows — Click on the QuickLink icon with the right mouse button. Using Your Camera agfa ephoto cl18 a TV You can use a television set as a viewer for your ePhoto by connecting them with the included video cable.

Page 16 Turning the Camera On and Off cont. After the war cooperation with Ansco was revived, but only on the camera sector.

agfa ephoto cl18


Agfa incorporated UCA in Bremen agfa ephoto cl18 became a camera factory, and later also Iloca and Staeble to enhance ephoo capacity. Press the Press the button next to Settings. UpdateStar Premium delivers all updates and more. While connect- ed to the computer, there is no need to turn on the camera by opening the lens cover. To delete all agfa ephoto cl18 The LCD screen provides a good means of evaluating each shot while the camera is processing.

Page 43 Downloading Images cont. QuickLink QuickLink is a convenient way to access your images and use them in any OLE-compliant application for example, Microsoft located at the cl81 side of the task bar. The LCD screen displays the last picture taken. Full agfa ephoto cl18 capabilities and daily scans.

The camera may be pointed directly at a bright light. If the Lock icon appears in the upper right-hand corner of the image, the image is locked and cannot be deleted until it is unlocked. Deleting Images in Memory agfa ephoto cl18. Depending on your external flash configuration and aperture requirements, select from the following options: Updates available for you?