Table Of Contents In case any modifications of this manual occur, the updated version will be available on ASRock website without further notice. Page 56 Step 3 If you want to install the app, click on the red icon to start downloading. DRAM Frequency If [Auto] is selected, the motherboard will detect the memory module s inserted and assign the appropriate frequency automatically. Please note that overclocking may cause damage to your CPU and motherboard. Before you install the motherboard, study the configuration of your chassis to ensure that the motherboard fits into it. Page 45 X99 Taichi 2.

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Step 1 Please check the item information before update. Am2nf6g-vsta lan a prefer size d. Setting X99 Taichi am2nf6g-vsta lan. Expansion Slots pci Express Slots 2. The AGP slot is used to laan a graphics card. The maximum should be the same as the CPU Ratio. Supervisor Password Set or change the password for the administrator account. Problem related to memory.

aam2nf6g-vsta Got am2nf6g-vsta lan, continue to print. If you’d like to adjust shared memory, please follow the steps below to find and adjust the OC settings. Cpu Configuration X99 Taichi 4.

Set [Auto] to automatically enable the USB 3. Information published on ASRock.

ASRock 775i65G User Manual

Debug is am2nf6-gvsta to provide am2nf6g-vsta lan information, which makes troubleshooting even easier. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Ratio Actual Value This is a read-only item, which displays the ratio actual value of this motherboard.

When the limit is exceeded, the CPU ratio will be lowered immediately. Make sure that am2nf6g-vsta lan cards are properly seated on the slots. Ratio CMOS Setting If the ratio status is unlocked, am2nf6g-vsta lan find this item appear am2nff6g-vsta allow you chang- ing the am2nf6g-vsta lan value of this motherboard. Exit Screen X99 Taichi 4. Oc Tweaker Screen X99 Taichi 4. Navigation Keys X99 Taichi 4. Introduction If you require am2nf6g-vsta lan support related to this mother- board, please visit our website for specific information about the model you are using.

Page 25 X99 Taichi If you are using the VGA card and onboard am2nd6g-vsta adapter shows an exclamation mark as the picture below, am2nf6g-vsta lan follow the steps to am2nf6g-vstaa exclamation mark. Tools In order to prevent users from bypassing OMG, guest accounts without permission to modify the system time are required.


Parallel Port Mode Use this item to set the operation mode of the parallel port. Floppy Configuration, Super Io Configuration 3.


Onboard Headers Am2nf6g-vsta lan Connectors 2. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Am2nf6g-vsta lan. Please read the documentation of the expansion card and make necessary am2nf6g-vsta lan settings for the card before you start the installation.

Ultra Fast mode is only supported by Windows 8. In fast mode you may not boot from an USB storage device. Before installing an expansion card, please make sure that the power supply is switched off or the power cord is unplugged.

Tech Service Contact Tech Service if you have problems with your computer. Placing jumper caps over the headers and connectors will cause permanent damage of the motherboard! For am2nf6g-vsta lan inserting, please ensure to match the two orientation key notches of the CPU with the two alignment keys of the socket.

Boot Failure Guard If the computer fails to boot for a number of times the system automatically restores the default settings. Skip Step 3 and 4 and go straight to Step 5 if you are going to use the am2nf6g-vsta lan nut.


Installing an App Step 1 Find the app you want to install. Please leave your contact information along with details of the problem. PCI Express graphics card are connected. Incorrect connection of the audio front panel and the am2nf6g-vsta lan panel audio header may cause permanent damage to this motherboard.

Asrock fatal1ty x99 professional series motherboard pages. Choose primary video adapter as internal graphics Path: Usb Configuration Parallel Port Address Use this item to set the am2nf6g-vsta lan for laj onboard parallel port or disable it.

X99 Taichi Am2nf6g-vsta lan 3. This model may not be sold worldwide. To print the manual completely, please, download it.