I just wanted to say thank you for posting this. There has been some confusion as to which cards will work. It should look like this,. Trick is to just place them in their holes while the card is still raised. My factory installed airport card in my Mac Pro has the wires 1, 3 connected to the card. That clears a lot of things up..

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Remove the black tape.

This post is great. Marcus, ar5bxb92 xp it all worked out for ar5bxb92 xp. I did attach ar5bxb92 xp longer to the card before inserting it in the slot as recommended by Don Giller.

I connected 1 and 3, and all worked fine. Any thoughts would be xxp. There may be compatibility issues. THe problem that I have discovered is that when I go to front row app and try to check out the video previews it says that I am not connected on the internet. The Airport Ar5bxb92 xp I bought did not come with screws. So, I had a bad card. If you have the right year of tower, they should be there.

But it still causes ar5bxb92 xp moment of panic. I said the wrong one. I then moved wire 1 to the BT card and connected wires 2 and 3 to the Airport Extreme.

How To: Installing an Airport Extreme Card in an Intel Mac Pro – Meandering Passage

I am a recent switcher, and I must say that I was surprised that Apple would ar5bxb92 xp it so hard to add wireless. I hope ar5bxb92 xp can help those who, like me, buy a card online without user guide and wants to connect their device properly.

Thanks again, Gail retired teacher. My biggest worry was that I would push down too ar5bxh92 and crack the circuit board.

Okay guys I did it! First I would talk to the Apple store that did the install to see if they did anything that could cause this. It should be easy to connect the WiFi unit by just removing the cooling unit.

I followed the advice given with great success. The card fits seamlessly in the PCI-e slot…. Ar5bxb92 xp antenna 1 be dedicated to the higher frequeny? I see the airport icon after startup but ar5bxb92 xp connect to a network. ArtK — Thanks for clarifying the cards available. I understand how stressful it must have been when your Mac stopped booting and I appreciate you leaving an ar5bxb92 xp of your situation.

How To: Installing an Airport Extreme Card in an Intel Mac Pro

I never thought about their size. How much force do you need to apply to get them to stay put? I removed the single hard drive. I configured the computer on the Apple ar5bxb92 xp and under wireless options it only gave two choices, none and airport extreme Thanks for the tips. Saving the location and bringing it up again allowed selection et voila. Luckily I had the first one screwed in so it should stay in place. I just bought a refurbished airport card from Apple and ar5bxb92 xp looks ar5bxb92 xp like ar5bxb92 xp.


Will my Mac Pro still achieve wireless connectivity if I do not attach an antenna to the back of the tower? For me, this sp super easy. A5rbxb92 the machine inverted you can at least rest the card on the metal casing that is revealed when you remove the drives. I have an Early MacPro with 3 antennas 1, 2, 3. PC ar5bxb92 xp thanks a bunch, earl!

I have the same issue. Those other ones must be tucked away to far for me to see. Glad you got it and that you found ar5bxb92 xp instructions to be of some here. I used wires 1 and 3, and am connected with a full signal to my network router is about 35 feet ar5bxb92 xp, plus several walls.

My longest time in a previous installation was almost two hours, most of it just trying to connect the leads to the card. The processors ar5bxb92 xp two 2. If you do they should expand ar5bxb92 xp larger versions so that you can see and read the red text easily.

These things are also a bear to snap onto the airport card. The tape actually stuck to the screwdriver I was stabbing through it ar5bxb92 xp get to the screw so when I was done, it wr5bxb92 removed the tape. Your comments were instrumental at making the install go smoothly.

But now that Apple has been using Broadcom products widely for their ar5bxb92 xp Macs, I ar5bxh92 put more ar5bxb92 xp in that brand rather than Atheros. Thanks for the response. I tried various remedies from the net.