I find myself looking at other mp3 players and thinking “how quaint — what a sweet little music-only device”. The control software is pretty simplistic, though the manual makes it sound much more complex than it is. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. Published on May 1, Important note to customers: Sponsored products related to this item What’s this?

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Archos 6 GB Jukebox 6000 Mp3 Player/hard Drive

Using any of the headphones listed above, the Archos jukebox 6000 usb sounded good. I’ve heard talk of a ‘Rolo’. I re-installed the 80GB drive less rpms as it consumed less power although I might go back now to the larger drive I re-structured my entire archive with mediamonkey on the file level to Artist and album folders as most people do it.

Our player had version 4. Strangely, Archos firmly recommends placing the player upside down in its carrier. Apparently the case archos jukebox 6000 usb doesn’t have much experience in building small, practical devices.

Part of Situation Publishing. Archos already sells portable Firewire drives, so this should not be much of a stretch for them. We do hope, however, that Archos will see fit to incorporate Ogg Vorbis archos jukebox 6000 usb in a future firmware update especially in light that Fraunhofer IIS-A has declared its intention to start charging for development of its MP3 patents.

With the volume at 15 and with bass settings at normal 0the Jukebox was bearably loud with all headphones and distortion was rarely evident. However, even in these circumstances, the load voltage archos jukebox 6000 usb alkaline batteries will soon drop below NiMh’s relatively constant 1.

One of the nicest things about the display is that archos jukebox 6000 usb is flanked by four green LEDs that provide even backlighting without consuming much power.

The player is durable. Beside chemical considerations, there is a persuasive reason that NiMH are delivered at lower voltages than their alkaline equivalents. They are in-ear cans that wrap around the back of arhos head.


Unfortunately, we’re not likely to the get the first item, the second is slowly dribbling out of Archos’ labs, and the final piece hasn’t shown up yet. To test battery life, the unit was first fully charged overnight.

Amazon’s electronics shop carries the Archos at a decent price. With fully charged standard batteries it should be capable of sustained copying for 2 – 2.

VHJ — The Archos Jukebox

See all customer images. It also has a Line In jack, but how you use it is somewhat perplexing, as the unit doesn’t record audio. The Release aarchos currently 3. Can the changes or the archos jukebox 6000 usb that Rockbox suggests or offers possibly damage my archos jukebox 6000 usb player? Our experience seems to suggest that the Archos Jukebox has acute quality issues with its bundled AC adapter. Remote Control Uwb Soon. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. I bought it about 7 months ago and I use it single every day.

At first the unit seemed to work jhkebox although it got very hot when connected to the power supply for any length of time. Video is unrelated to the product. This project became Rockbox. It cost a bit more but had better reviews so I went for it. MusicMatch software is supplied for both Mac and Windows, arguably one of the best choices for ripping and archos jukebox 6000 usb your MP3s. I didnt get the recorder model for recording but because it has a better screen with more pixels.

If you can find it at a low enough cost, jukdbox Archos is a reasonable backup archos jukebox 6000 usb for your laptop or digital camera, plus a decent, if slightly confusing, MP3 player.

Father’s Jukeobx Electronics Gift Guide. One major quibble is the design: