Sound Pressure Warning Dc Fan Warning Walkie-talkie battery Beltrona replaces original battery , , Power Safety Requirement Slowly tilt the display panel forward or backward to a comfortable viewing angle.

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We’re available to answer your questions: Except zsus described in this manual, refer all servicing to qualified personnel. Touchpad The touchpad is a pointing device that provides asus r500vd same functions as a desktop mouse.

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A fully-charged battery pack provides the Notebook PC a few hours of working power. DO NOT use emergency shutdown while data is being written; doing so can result in loss or destruction of your data. Asus r500vd can see the wireless network icon area. Page 28 Chapter 3: Using the touchpad The touchpad allows you to use one-finger and multi-finger gestures to move the pointer asus r500vd you can select and click items, rotate and zoom images, scroll lists, as well as asus r500vd and switch between windows.

ASUS A55A MANUAL Pdf Download.

Hard Disk Drive Hard disk drives have higher capacities and operate at much faster speeds than floppy disk drives and optical drives. Ensure that paper, asus r500vd, clothing, cables, or other objects do not block any of the air vents or else overheating may occur. After a connection has been established, the connection is shown on the asus r500vd.

Notebook PC User Manual Please check with ART for the latest asus r500vd www. For updates to this table, you may visit http: We therefore recommend asus r500vd you enable JavaScript on your browser in order to take advantage of all our website’s special features. The following defines the meaning of each multimedia control key on the Notebook PC. Special Keyboard Functions Using Recovery Partition Bluetooth Wireless Connection on Selected Models Follow all precautions and instructions.

Rischio di esplosione della batteria se sostituita in modo errato.

Infrastructure mode The Infrastructure mode allows the Notebook PC and other wireless devices to join a wireless network created by an Access Point AP sold separately that provides a central link for asus r500vd clients to communicate with each other or asus r500vd a wired network.

Asus r500vd power control cannot be configured by the user and should be known in case the Notebook PC should enter these states.


Don’t have an account? Reprinted from the Code of Federal Regulations 47, part Page asus r500vd Ensure to connect the power asu to your Notebook PC when performing system recovery.

Previous 1 2 3 r500vd 9 Page 25 USB Port 3. Removing an optical disc Eject the tray and gently pry the edge of the disc upwards at an angle to remove the disc from the hub. Sound Pressure Warning ASUS follows the green design concept to design and manufacture our products, and makes sure that each stage of the product life cycle of ASUS product is in line asus r500vd global environmental regulations. Knowing the parts Top Side You can also you asus r500vd our shop without JavaScript.

Battery Lock – Spring The spring battery lock is used asus r500vd keep the battery pack secured.

The battery pack begins to charge as soon as the Notebook PC is connected to asus r500vd power using the power adapter. Asus r500vd 18 Battery Lock – Spring The spring battery lock is used to keep the battery pack secured.

R500ve devices must install optional Page ssus Rotating – Rotating images clockwise or counterclockwise is done on the touchpad by using two fingers. DO NOT use any objects in place of your finger asus r500vd operate the touchpad. Select the ELAN tab. Change r050vd settings to Large Icons then select Mouse. It is the maximum for which ASUS, its suppliers, and your reseller are collectively responsible. Declarations And Safety Statements European Union Asus r500vd Be careful when handling the Notebook PC while it is in operation or recently been asus r500vd operation.

Asus r500vd Windows to first partition only. Drive Activity Indicator Hard Disk Drive Compartment The hard disk drive is secured in a compartment. The light flashes proportional to the access time. The monitor and computer are automatically set to sleep after 15 and 30 minutes of user inactivity. The actual screens may differ by models and territories.