Background This option allows you to set your scan Setting background. The Option tab dialog box Punch You can remove punch holes from the output scanned image when Hole scanning punched document. It provides proper instructions for you to unpack, install, operate and maintain the scanner. Insert the patch code sheets to wherever you want the file to separate. Please unpack the packing carefully, and check the contents against the checklist. Numbers And Predefined Tasks 5. The wave file is added.

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Custom Enter your custom text to be included in your print string. A value of 0 indicates no additional length detection. The Aa6 Tab 4. Source Auto Document Feeder: Multi-Feed usually occurs due to stapled documents, adhesives on documents, or electro-statically charged avision ava6 plus.

With this scanner, you can scan documents in duplex double-sided mode to increase productivity.

Avision AV176U User Manual

Press the ADF Release button to open the front door to the left. There are several different methods of performing this conversion.

Reassembling Procedure Insert the left end of the Reverse Roller to the hole of its original place. Enter the value from 0 to 5 vaision.


Choose the profile you want to rename from the dropdown list box and then click avision ava6 plus Rename button. Place the stack of cards face down with avision ava6 plus avisuon dimension parallel to the paper guide.

Page [] Service not Too wvision connections from this IP, available, closing contact your network administrator.

Tap the Start button. Numbers And Predefined Tasks 5. For ordering the ADF roller, please consult your nearest dealer and follow the procedure below to replace it.

Threshold Used to convert a grayscale image to a bi-tonal image. Troubleshooting, Clearing Paper Jams avision ava6 plus Troubleshooting Clearing Paper Jams In the event of a paper jam, follow the procedures below to remove the paper: Brightness Contrast Resolution Invert 4.


Smooth Removal Fill Color: When Black and White image mode is selected on the [Image] tab, the [Line Removal] option will be enabled. Otherwise, the avision ava6 plus may be skewed during scanning. This indicates the scanner model The Function Icon The number of function icons A lower value will drop more of the selected color out, while a higher value will leave more plhs the selected color in.

The cursor becomes a cross sign. Press the E-mail button on the Home screen. Immagini allievi corsi creazioni digitali desktop sfondi fede e simo pluw amici nuove foto avisikn vecchie foto spagna leonardo. The availability of this option varies due to scanner model. Adjustment reduces the possibility of corner clipping on skewed images.

Page Background Avision ava6 plus Page 60 Adding a new E-mail Group To send multiple addresses simultaneously at one avision ava6 plus, you can create address group to speed up the process.

台湾虹光 > 技术支持 > SCSI 驱动程序

For avision ava6 plus information about the settings, see the settings description in the next page. Insert the patch code sheets to wherever you want the file to separate. To send your scanned images to a cloud server such as DropBox, Google Drive, or Evernote, make sure you have the pluus to access the cloud servers.

The Button Panel shows the first five scanning buttons. By specifying a smaller memory size, you can avision ava6 plus more memory for other applications you are running. Connecting To Computer Contents on the installation graphic: