In addition, each function is guaranteed to be able to store the following number of pages: If License Status shows “Unnecessary” as its value, the upper license limit is not printed. Follow the procedure described below to replace the staple cartridge. Close the inner cover. Check the location of the staple jam, and follow the procedure described below, and the procedure that appears on the touch panel display, to remove any jammed staples.

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Move the back width guide of the envelope feeder utr in accordance with steps 6 to 8. Contact your local authorized Canon dealer when you need to purchase paper. Remedy Try printing again. The machine may continue to operate during or after the shutdown process. If the machine still canon ir3230 ufr ii not work normally, turn the main power OFF, disconnect the machine, and contact your local authorized Canon dealer. We recommend that you read this section prior uff using this machine.

Page Consumables Page Press the button on the right cover of the main unit, and canon ir3230 ufr ii the right cover.

Clearing paper jams, Clearing paper jams,Specifications, Loading paper, Installation Paper jams Installation space, Clearing, Location and handling, Paper Deck-Q1, Power supply, Reducing paper jam frequency, Precautions, Screens indicating locations of paper jams, Safety instructions, xxi Parts and functions of the main unit Control Panel, USER Prints the name of the user who sent the print job to the machine.

If License Status shows “Unnecessary” as its value, the expiration date is not printed.

When reconnecting the paper deck to the main unit, be careful not to get your fingers caught, as this may result in personal injury. When you contact your local authorized Canon dealer, have the following information available: Make sure that the paper drawer is properly in place.

Twist the red protective cap of the canon ir3230 ufr ii toner cartridge in the direction of the arrow counterclockwise to remove it.

Open a package of paper, and remove the paper stack.


Only one staple cartridge can be inserted at a time. Ir330 the staple canon ir3230 ufr ii to its original position. Page If paper is jammed in several locations, remove the jammed paper in the order indicated on the touch panel display.

Remove any jammed paper from the inside of the main unit’s right cover. These openings are provided for proper ventilation of working parts inside the machine. However, as we are constantly improving our products, if you need an exact specification, please canon ir3230 ufr ii Canon. If Memory Becomes Canon ir3230 ufr ii during Scanning If memory becomes full during the scanning of originals, the following screens appear on the touch panel display. Make sure that the punch waste irr3230 is completely emptied.


Upper Delivery Guide Tilt the lower delivery guide to the right, and remove canonn jammed paper. Replacing The Toner Cartridge Replacing the Toner Cartridge When there is only a small amount of toner remaining inside the machine, the following message appears on the touch panel display.

Paper can also be jammed in the feeding slot on the side of the main unit. Paper Drawers Paper Drawers This section describes how to load paper into the paper drawers.

Page If a paper jam occurs inside an optional unit, see the instructions on the ir32230 pages. Springs are attached to the upper delivery guide, so it returns to its original position when released.

Close the paper drawer’s right cover. Or, you can follow the instructions on the touch panel display. Page Do not place any objects canon ir3230 ufr ii the finisher unit, or lean on it, as doing so may damage the machine, or cause the machine to fall over, ig3230 in personal injury. Page Tilt the upper delivery guide to the right, and remove any jammed paper. Align the pointed notch on camon knob with the shaded region Clearing Paper Jams Page Press [System Settings]. Pull out the paper output canon ir3230 ufr ii.

발급가능 프린터목록

A message prompting you press [Shutdown] and to turn the main power switch ir32330 ON appears. Finisher-S1 Optional If a staple jam occurs in the optional Finisher-S1, canon ir3230 ufr ii screen similar to the one shown below appears on the touch panel display. Address Book List You can print the contents of the Address Book subaddress books xanon to 10 or one-touch buttons.

Please refer to them for canon ir3230 ufr ii information. Product name Details of the malfunction The error code displayed on the touch panel display Clearing Staple Jams Clearing Staple Jams If a staple jam occurs, follow the procedure described below to remove the jammed staples. Return the punch waste tray to its original position. When closing the top cover of the puncher canon ir3230 ufr ii, be careful not to get your fingers caught, as this may result in personal injury.

Gently push the staple case into the stapler unit, until it is securely in place. Page 67 Turn the paper size dial on the right side of the paper drawer, so that the arrow points to the paper size being loaded. Considerable effort has been made to ensure that this manual is free of inaccuracies and omissions.

Page Remove any jammed paper from the stack bypass inside the right cover of the main unit.