By using this device with fluid on it, it may cause heat generation, fire, product failure or electric shock. Message Erase Messaging Font Size: Getting Started with Your Phone k Removing the Battery Insert the tip of the corner of the Device Lock Tool marked with the battery lock icon the groove of the screw type battery lock and rotate in the direction indicated by the arrow in the illustration to the left. Counts your steps with the pedometer. Page 79 NOTE Using the Motion Detection function, while displaying a picture you can display the next picture or the previous picture just by shaking your handset. Using this submenu, the number is saved as a new Contact.

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In Vibrate Mode, all phone sounds including ringtones and casio c781 usb modem tones are silenced. Don’t show me this message again. Press the Directional Key j up or down to highlight a ringtone. The currently selected item is indicated by a c81 on the screen.

Sunrise Sunset The times of sunrise and sunset are displayed.

Casio G’z One User Manual

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Dial Fonts To set the font size for when dialing a number: My Videos My Videos In My Videos, you can view all the videos you have taken, store selected video in your casio c781 usb modem, send video to the Online Album, delete video, and access additional video options.

Allows for a personalization of updates. Insert a pause after a set of numbers then enter another set. Inbox The phone alerts casio c781 usb modem in the following 3 ways when you receive a new Text, Picture, or Video message: Battery Level Plug the Wall Charger power plug into an nodem outlet.

Table Of Contents Contents How will I know if my hearing aid will work with a particular digital wireless phone? The device is not water-proof. This will adjust the Electronic Compass with the flip closed.

Casio G’zOne Ravine User Manual

Camera, Accessibility Camera Do not aim your camera at the sun. Table Of Contents 3. Press 1 Get New Applications.

Menu Overview Search Messaging 1. When Lock Mode is enabled, you must enter your four-digit password before using the phone.

Fully charge the battery before using the phone for the NOTE first time. When the battery level becomes low, the low battery sensor alerts you in three ways: Cosmic View mode modeem the location of Sun, Moon and Earth.


Fda Information The user who makes changes or modifications to the unit without the express approval by the manufacturer will void user authority to moxem the equipment. B Ravine is a trademark of Verizon Wireless. Adapter from the plug or cigar lighter adapter, check that device has cooled down, turn off the power, remove the battery pack casio c781 usb modem call the customer service for assistance.

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Call Settings Casio c781 usb modem Call Setup menu allows you to designate how the phone handles both incoming and outgoing calls. Display Themes To choose the color of the background screen: Inserts Quick Text into a message.

Keypad Volume To set the keypad volume: The phone exits the Lock Mode for 5 minutes.

Be sure to use only casio c781 usb modem Device Lock Tool that comes Warning! You can input arithmetic operators using the following keys. Adding a new Contact from idle mode From idle mode, enter the phone number up to 48 characters you want to register. Keep the battery charged while not in use in order to maximize talk and standby time.

NOTE Using the Motion Detection function, while displaying a picture you can display the next picture or the previous picture just by shaking your handset. Search for casio c781 usb modem phone number or e-mail address which is stored in the Contact List. Page Phone Only: Some hearing devices are more immune than others to this interference noise, and phones also vary in the amount of interference they generate.

Info To view App. Page 40 Using Symbol Text Input To insert symbols or punctuation, follow these steps from the text entry screen: Redialing Call From ysb mode, press the Send Key. Before a phone model is available for sale casi the public, it must be tested and certified to the FCC that it does not exceed the limit established by the government adopted casio c781 usb modem for safe exposure.

Casio c781 usb modem Mode Vibrate Modfm mutes key tones and activates an alert for an incoming call or message. Turn Bluetooth power on? Enter the name and then press the Directional Key d down. Removing The Battery Warning!


Displays the following option: Antenna Safety, Battery Safety Your device uses mode, removable and rechargeable lithium ion battery. To answer the alert, press and hold the PTT Keyand begin talking.

Text Input Modes Voice Commands: Enter a name or part of a name in the Go To Field at the bottom of the screen or press the Directional Key j casio c781 usb modem or down to scroll through your Contact List. Casio c781 usb modem The Calculator allows you to perform simple mathematical calculations.