Try it with the volume slider at max. My only complaint about it is the snare sounds in drum kit 1 Try the Casio links page for more.. Goto the analog drum kit , and hit the bass drum on the C key. Andrew Hunt Ike aol.

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The sound quality is outstanding, outshining Roland and Yamaha keyboards easily. The square, sawtooth, and other synth sounds are also, for lack of a better word, perfect.

Try it with the volume slider at max. I bought this one as an upgrade to my old CTK Comments About the Sounds: I usually switch to the Room kit instead Best dang sounds I’ve ever heard.

The display is awesome! The drums are a huge improvement, but the snares on the DrumKit 1 are a little weak. You’ll be amazed, and almost frightened at the quality of it. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission from Sonic State is prohibited. It also has 10 DSP effects. My only complaint about it is the snare sounds in drum kit 1 WK At a Glance.

Try hooking it up to a computer and playing midis with it. In my opinion, it blows away even REAL church organs! Try the Casio links page for more. The Casio room at Synthmuseum.

WK | Electronic Musical Instruments | Manuals | CASIO

Alot came from the old CTK, but seem to be enhanced somehow. It has several key features, such as the ability to layer vasio including pre-layered soundsand spliting them at w,-1630 key of your choice.


I must say, I’m impressed. Definitly worth the buy! While therir still 5-watts, the two new bass reflex speakers on each side really pump out the sound! But, with the WK, I have always produced virtually noise-free recordings. And the bass doesn’t overwhelm me when I play it back with a bass boost.

It was always filled with background noise good thing w,-1630 Dolby in my car! Links for the Casio WK Andrew Hunt Ike aol. The piano sound is excelent, and sounds almost exactly like a real piano. Thanks to Andrew Hunt for this info. They sound a little weak.

WK-1630 Manual

It’s backlit, shows a piano roll, a staff treble and basstemp, measures, meter, and other important info. The reverb might not be as deep as the CTK, but it still works fine.

The strings, brass, and woodwinds sound very realistic. Definitly check out the ChurchOrgan Speaking of bass, the new built-in speakers are also enhanced.