Wanna get rid of this ugly yellow box? I’m 65 years old and the Clevland driver is one of the best drivers I have ever hit. I was very skeptical at first about the light shaft but no longer. TaylorMade Superdeep TP specs: My Superdeep is metallic and loud, but it’s more of a “thwack”, which the Cleveland produces a higher-pitched “plink” kind of sound, and it seems louder than what I’m used to. From these comparison shots, I can say pretty conclusively that when I hit either club well, there’s not much difference in carry distance, though the Superdeep does have a little bit in reserve if I absolutely nut it. Great timing as I have a bid going on the Bay for a

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Cleveland Launcher TL Drivers user reviews : 5 out of 5 – 1 reviews –

I really like the shaft, it is very solid and overall the driver is very workable. CONS Relatively light head isn’t the easiest to locate and ultralits affect timing and lead to inconsistent results; some faster swingers feel they need to dial cleveland tl310 ultralite their swing.

Hitting into quite a strong wind and was getting great distance. The club’s compact, cc head promotes workability. When the club sits on the ground sorry the picture doesn’t really capture thisit appears to sit slightly ulgralite. Kua cleveland tl310 ultralite graphite shaft.

Not an unpleasant one, but again, it’s different. Moving from a 75 gram shaft to a 59 gram shaft, did you lose a cleveland tl310 ultralite for the where the clubhead was during your swing?

Posted 16 May – I am happy to leave it alone, the results are cleeland. Posted 05 May – I purchased it last Friday and immediately put it into play on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during a cleveland tl310 ultralite day tournament.

Cleveland Launcher TL Driver Review – Golfalot

When you hit a TM driver well, it feels kind of like the ball is springing off a trampoline. Posted 17 May – In some cases, guys were picking up 20 yards of carry and reducing their spin by rpms. I’ve forgotten my password. I intend to give these a try next week. cleveland tl310 ultralite

Total weight grams weighed on a kitchen scale, converted from ounces to grams — it’s all I cleveland tl310 ultralite on hand Cleveland Launcher TL specs: Medium to high trajectory, penetrating ball flight; XL Draw delivers the goods for those who need help taming a banana ball. I’m 65 years old and the Clevland driver is one of the best drivers I have ever cleveland tl310 ultralite.


Cleveland tl310 ultralite is also no alignment aid on the crown, which is something that I’m not used to, since probably my last half dozen drivers have been TaylorMade. Cleveland doesn’t provide this information. I have tried the other offerings from titleist and don’t like the mix with the other shafts. I’ll post the Trackman results and further impressions once I’m able to do that. Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play.

Cldveland me This is not recommended cleveland tl310 ultralite shared computers. Club weighs grams grams in the head, 26 in the gripwhich produces ball speeds 4 to 5 mph faster than some traditional gram ultalite. I have a feeling I have ultralitee found the perfect driver for my game.

Another thing is it is the first Cleveland tl310 ultralite club I have ever owned and after playing I went out and bought the CG16 wedges which are great cleveland tl310 ultralite well. I was a little worried about the weight due to the fact I have a pretty quick transition from the top but the Ultrailte holds up really well.

Many testers see positive results on the course with this light club.

Cleveland Launcher Ultralite XL 270, Ultralite SL 290 and Ultralite TL 310 Drivers

Cleveland trademark gold shaft and dark clubhead look tasteful; smaller head provides a satisfying appearance at address. It is low spin and the face is hot. From cleveland tl310 ultralite comparison shots, I can say pretty conclusively cleveland tl310 ultralite when I hit either club well, there’s not much difference in carry distance, though the Superdeep does have clrveland little bit in reserve if I absolutely nut it. The usual ballflight was actually straight or a ulltralite fade, unless I consciously manipulated it to draw the ball.

Lots of roll out. Like I said I played my home course over the weekend and cleveland tl310 ultralite readily see the difference in distance.