As Is Parts o Not sure if the fix is permanent, but the laptop still runs fine. I have been trying to fix this problem for months and finally decided to go the external sound card route. Even though this laptop has a separate audio board, I believe the audio chip located on the motherboard. I disconnected the touchpad and keyboard and still nothing, I get power but nothing happens if I hit the power button. Then a watt infra-red heat light was positioned about two inches above the board on the opposite side of the GPU chip, and run for a little over an hour.

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Lift up the keyboard and place it upside down on the palm rest.

Compaq f700 the DC Power Jack just unplug or is it soldered in and does this sound like what the problem is with my laptop? I have this Presario F since 2 yrs back. My online research thus compaq f700 has been completly unhelpful with possible causes ranging from the mother board, to the hard drive, to the battery. Hey, Glad I found this! Remove all screws securing the top cover assembly from the bottom of the notebook.

I needed to access the motherboard to repair the heat sink. I placed a small oven thermometer on the edge of the cutout and it reached degrees during the compaq f700. Test laptop with each module separately. When I do get it to come on, it will either stay on the black screen that says COMPAC, or it will go to the windows compaq f700 screen and stay there for a really long time scanning.

I read where someone had a stuck switch that stayed off when the laptop was opened. The fuzzynes will go in and out, when i put a little pressure on the compaq f700 of the screen it seems to work. Disconnect both antenna cables from the compaq f700 card.

I dont think I like this laptop anymore. The USb harness is not there.

Compaq Presario F700

Just watch out for Step 13 — there is one more screw not indicated on the image in the HDD compaq f700 that goes through the motherboard which must be removed. Hi- I just installed a new keyboard compaq f700 followed your directions in reverse to put the F back together. Very slight rocking, parallel to the compwq of the case seemed to help it come loose.


Many compaq f700 for any helpful tips you could give! I checked on the website below and I qualify for a replacement notebook computer. Thank you, LT Tech, for the compaq f700. It came back a few days later, and I did find that if you drain, and i mean completely drain out the battery, ….

Of course, I assume your new power adapter and battery compxq good.

How to disassemble Compaq Presario F – Inside my laptop

This will remove most dust from the fan and heat sink. I have it plugged into a power source, the lightsindicate it has power… When I push the power button the blue light around the button lights up as well as the compaq f700 on the front and then nothing compaq f700 no fans no screen…nothing! I have a Compaq F with no image in the screen. Compaq f700 from ” https: Is it possible that the power board needs to be replaced? Now you can access and replace the cooling fan if you have to.

I have a HP F and two days ago it froze up and I attempted task manager and all other options I could think and compaq f700 I ended up just shutting it down.

The Specifications for a Compaq Presario F |

First the sound went. I compaq f700 the aluminum foil covered cardboard with a hole to heat up the GPU from the back compaq f700 method. The LCD cable connector is shown in the Step I think im having the same or similar problem as Terris. It matches the product: