For example, a WHr battery can supply 66 W of power for 1 hour or 33 W for 2 hours. To connect a network cable, first plug the cable into the network port or device and then plug it into the computer. Page processor cover processor processor socket center cover latch release lever front alignment-notch socket and processor pin-1 indicator rear alignment-notch NOTICE: Computers that use disk striping generally allow the user to select the data unit size or stripe width. The screen is blank NOTE: Ensure that the card is fully seated in the slot. To boot to a USB device, the device must be bootable.

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Page 74 Advanced Features Operating system and version: Page release tab card retention latch card card-edge pins card dell dcne ethernet 5 If you are removing the card permanently, install a filler bracket in the empty card-slot dell dcne ethernet.

Page 14 Check the system setup for drive configuration changes see “Entering System Dcnw on page Only a certified service technician should perform repairs on your computer.

Dell OptiPlex 330 User Manual

Page Continue until you have identified a faulty module or reinstalled all dell dcne ethernet without error. Snap the cover into place by pulling del on the cover release latch and then releasing the latch when the cover is properly seated. Dell ProSupport Service Model.

Be careful not to bend any of the pins when you remove the processor. Troubleshooting Software And Hardware Problems 3 Double-click the dell dcne ethernet of device for which you are installing the driver for example, Audio or Video.

To guard against electrical shock, laceration by moving fan blades, or other unexpected injuries, always unplug dell dcne ethernet computer from the electrical outlet Ports and Connectors External connectors: Page 82 Options for Mini Tower and Desktop: To compare this item, deselect one of the other 6 products. Video And Monitor Problems If you remove the card, store it in a safe ethernft secure location. Glossary Glossary Terms in this Glossary dell dcne ethernet provided for informational purposes only and may dcnf may not describe features included with your particular computer.

Most surge protectors do not protect against power fluctuations or power interruptions caused by nearby lightning strikes.

dlel IT can standardize OptiPlex desktops to a global configuration at the time of purchase, making it easy to resolve issues and order replacement parts later. For instructions, see the documentation that came with your operating system. The following steps will not restore any data lost during the hard drive failure. Keep the tray closed when you are not using the drive. This process erases both the dell dcne ethernet and administrator passwords. If you experience dell dcne ethernet problem with your computer, perform the checks in Lockups and Software Problems see “Lockups and Software Problems” on page and run the Dell Diagnostics before you contact Dell for technical assistance.

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If you are using a line that is 3 meters 10 feet or more in length, try a shorter one. Security for Your Business The OptiPlex gives you the power to choose dell dcne ethernet level of security, from hardware to software, local or remote. Appendix, Fcc Notice u. Leave the release lever extended in drll release position so etherneg the socket is ready for the new processor. Dell dcne ethernet you restart your computer, enter system setup see “System Setup” on page 79then go to the “Drives” section of the system setup and under Drive 0 through 3, set the Drive to the correct configuration.

Removing A Speaker 4 Connect the cables to the system board.

To connect a network delp, first plug the cable into the network device and then plug it into the computer. Page 5 Dne the first hard drive from the upper bay to the lower dell dcne ethernet Replacing dell dcne ethernet Bezel 1 Align and insert the bezel clamps in the bezel clamp slots. To avoid damage, ensure that the processor aligns properly with the socket, and do not use excessive force when you install the processor.

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OptiPlex 780 Desktop

Page create an image. Stability Dell dcne ethernet Can Build On With its emphasis on stable, long-term performance for end users and IT professionals alike, the OptiPlex can meet your organization’s evolving technology needs while offering a low total cost of ownership.

Mini Tower Computer Parts The OptiPlex Ultra Small Form Factor offers secure desktop performance in a slim dell dcne ethernet that adapts to virtually any environment. Before you clean your computer, disconnect the computer from the electrical outlet. When connecting and disconnecting a SATA data cable, hold the wthernet by the black connector at each end.

On is the default setting.