Do all the checks mentioned in the thread, but remember this post. Thanks for the help. The amber light does blink at all times, even when the computer is off, as long as the adapter is plugged in. October 22, at 1: Glad I found this site and will put it in my bookmarks for future reference! The same happened to me Optiplex

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A Blinking Orange Power Light

I knew this computer Dimension had a broken port. January 17, at dell optiplex gx80 It was the optilpex. The only oddity I found was that I tried it unsuccessfully dell optiplex gx80 disconnecting and reconnecting the power-to-motherboard cable a third time before the PC restarted. But i need to tell one thing, my system fan was not working and the green light on my mother board was fine.

The first time it was my wireless USB Microsoft mouse. Fixed pins and my P. I also have been having this problem with my dell I have four USB ports in the back and have not figured out which one is doing it but unplugging the USB ports fixed the problem with g80 on switch blinking orange and keeping my computer from booting.

Dell optiplex gx80 have also been doing this for a very long time about 22 years and power issues are just that, power issues.

Dell optiplex gx80 disconnected ribbon cable and PC powered up.

I replaced it and it works fine now. I bench tested the old Dell optiplex gx80, and it still had 3. Also unplug ggx80 power cord and give it like 5 Minutes to set.

Always try to replace the PSU, since it is relatively low cost and easy to do. Orange blinking light on dell dimension If you discharge unplug the power and press power button the computer it will work for a short while. Simply check if you have USB devices attached that are powered with an external power source wall adaptor and be sure to check if the pins in the USB plugs are okay not bent.

February dell optiplex gx80, at optippex Do I need to remove the cover or is it obvious when you look? I dell optiplex gx80 have dell optiplex gx80 a living from working with computer systems for the past 30 years. February 21, at 2: The gentleman was correct Well done. My notebook is new and used it often.

Amazing what happens if you let people share info. Is dell optiplex gx80 something wrong with my power supply that it optiolex killing the battery everytime? I am not a techy but need to solve the amber problem since I am out of warranty.

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A Blinking Orange Power Light

Taking dell optiplex gx80 the battery, waiting for 15 minutes solves the problem, I just have to setup the bios. The power dell optiplex gx80 on the front blinks. Waited a few minutes and turned just the tower power on.

Could you help me in this problem. Taking the plug out the back counting to five and then plugging it in again. When I had disconnected my usb mouse and keyboard I noticed that their connections were sorta halfway inout.

Have a nice day! It will not boot up. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. September 11, at Thanks for all the tips. Outside of warranty If you did not previously contact Dell-Jesse and get confirmation from him dell optiplex gx80 you are on the list, you must pay Dell Dell optiplex gx80 Call to troubleshoot the blinking amber power LED.

So it works good for a while and wears out fast OR you add something and it cannot handle it OR it burns something out and cannot keep the power dell optiplex gx80 it used to have. No chance for the machine to detect anything. Only the new power supplies fan would come on. After reading all your posts just discovered it was a problem with one of my usb ports…. February 8, at 7: I checked the two front USB ports and sure enough, one of them was bent.

February 6, at 8: It had bent pins and the tab that holds the pins was gone.

I looked at the USB ports, and they looked ok except for a little dust. December 7, at 9: Just posting so that others should start with something so simply. The chat tech was very inept but gx0 I blew it out it was very cleanchecked connections all seatedlooked at USB ports no problem i can seedisconnected the surge protection no change.

Thanks for the info. Any ideas or suggestions? Dell optiplex gx80 22, at 1: All of you are so helpful. We have a T1 Poweredge been running fineand dell optiplex gx80 inserting a scsi card into the system for a tape drive, yep you guessed it!