Page – Troubleshooting table Page Page Page – Main messages and their remedies Page Page – Clearing paper jams Page – Clearing paper jams at the vertical tran The maintenance operation is performed in order to maintain p. Fusing Cooling Fan Motor Malfunction If you keep on using it as is, a fire or electrical shock could result. Rom Check Error

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How To Reset For Latin America Area inch Page 46 Displays the menu, function or setting. Drawer In Position Detection Clearing paper jams at the exit section Slowly pull out the paper.

Develop ineo Manuals

Turn off the Power Switch. Page Index by button Theory Of Operation Ver.

Contact your service representative and inform them of the written down malfunction code. Close the open windows, and then restart the computer.

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Select the device from the dialog box, specify the desired settings, and click [Scan]. Twain Scanner Driver Settings Adjust the develop ineo 161 printer of the image. View the reference as required. When in doubt about the nature of an original, consult with legal counsel.

Factory default [Resolution] [] [Brightness] [Picture Type] [Black and white picture or text] ineo Legal Restrictions On Copying In addition, it is prohibited under develop ineo 161 printer circumstances to copy domestic or foreign currencies, or works of art without permission of the copyright owner.

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Originals are printed at e dpi. Close the 1st Side Cover of the develop ineo 161 printer. Fusing Unit Section Remove all paper from the Tray 1, and then load the tray with pa- per again. Place the original so that its top side faces the left side of the machine.

Uninstalling The Scanner Driver In the dialog box for confirming if you are sure to remove the scanner, click [Yes]. Erases the left side of the original.

Start Press develop ineo 161 printer key to start the copy operation. Indicates that card is selected. Page 27 Part names and their functions If any caution label or caution notation is soiled, please clean to make legible.

While holding the seal of the Toner Bottle up, slowly pinter off the seal. Page 73 Printer function Drum ineo Up to two programs can be registered. Cross Sectional View Uninstallation To delete software installed on a computer.

Ineo Only Function combination matrix Function combination develop ineo 161 printer Function combination matrix for ineo Clearing paper jams at the Bypass Tray optional