What do you gain if your drive is 10 yards longer but out of position or worse, in the rough? This sounds just like several companies that are Wall Street driven. Would have been nice to have some graphics for us visual guys. I don know what to do. John McDonough on July 7, 6: Nick Yackley on July 7, 5: Kevin Taylor on July 12, 9:

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The Yellow colorway highlighted the crown and really framed the ball well at address. SpeeDARC technology increases the rigidity of the sole providing an incredibly stable base, resulting in fastball speeds.

Jeff G on July 9, difference between taylormade r11 and r11s As it becomes scarce, demand goes up and you can liquidate it quickly. I know proper fitting and instruction are importantespecially in todays market of ever changing technology. Les Pfeifer on July 7, Justin Blair 2 years ago. I know I saw an increase in swing speed and a decrease in distance and accuracy with the Cleveland XL I like the fact that you explain what ability group each driver is aimed at and good for.

They steadfastly refused to hear the truth about the state of the market and the death spiral the brand was sliding into.

Keep up the good work. The size and shape are on par for a cc driver at address. The switch was on about the time you started seeing all the Srixon hats on tour combined with the rapid loss of market share by Cleveland.

The reality is that without a golfing robot that was able to test all these drivers side by side at a wide variety of swing speeds, difference between taylormade r11 and r11s will never get a true side by side testing.

Any club maker worth his salt, will tell that your average player should be using a 12 Degree driver. This is not true. David Covel on July 7, 5: By buying a leaf blower that is within your budget, you reduce a lot of stress and anxiety.

Having played so many different TaylorMade drivers in the past, I was very interested in the M series but found myself waiting to hit the M2 based on the low-back CG. The backspin it produces helps keep the ball in the air, so you max your carry distance as much as possible.

That combined with a lighter swing weight will have in many cases an adverse effect on performance. Rod…I wish we had thought to grab swing videos. I will probably be able to swing the 47 incher faster and keep the same shot length.

The folks running TaylorMade answer to the folks running adidas. Sometimes we call him Begween the Toolman. Find the longest club at the dealers that you can get around in time. March 23, 0 Expert Review: The head is somewhat shallow compared to most driver heads with a very narrow heel area that works to difference between taylormade r11 and r11s much larger toe area.


A similar analysis isolating driver LOFT as the only variable might also be interesting for the average mid-high HC player. Data Driven Shot Tracking: John on July 7, 5: As we do with all of our reviews, djfference provided all the pertinent details betaeen our tests.

Getting rid of older clubs before ever difference between taylormade r11 and r11s the new ones. The slower you swing, the more you need loft.

Thank you for taking the time bstween read them and reply Paul! If you discount at the same time, the consumer is more likely to save the money and get the older version. I appreciate your comments.

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I am sorry that it is not easier to see. It all boils down to bad business decisions. Anyway, thanks for putting that together. John Mac 2 years ago. When eBay became the bastion of grey marketers dealing in closeouts, and selling them for much lower than TM wanted their actual partners to sell them for, the distrust boiled over.

I personally would love to provide LM numbers. Bob Gomavitz on August 5, 4: The M2 features a multi-material construction highlighted by a proprietary 7-Layer Carbon Composite Construction Crown that allows more weight to be positioned in the bottom of difference between taylormade r11 and r11s sole.

Thanks for the support.

Callaway Original Steelhead Fairway Woods | Callaway Golf Woods

While this is generally not difference between taylormade r11 and r11s problem, per se, it does lend itself to the occasional lazy swing when I deliver the head late difference between taylormade r11 and r11s in a desperate attempt to catch up, roll the head closed and snap hook the ball. Tony 2 years ago. Because of that, every company is out there trying to do whatever they can to meet those numbers. See something you like but not sure it’s the club for you?

Maybe to a local fitter in your area. As it turns out, the pearly white color scheme of the VTS also looks positively sick with the head we chose for this test. Instead they discount and release at the same time.