The first button scans a small index image from all the frames, viewed using the Index Tab as shown. The only reason I sold it was to get it’s big brother, the MultiPro, to scan 6×7 negs. Put it in, when it was never there to begin with? Find More Posts by Steve M. So I would not recommend selling one. After installing Vuescan the Minolta software also worked, but I find the Vuescan much faster to use. The V lacks a bit of detail sharpness compared to the dedicated scanners, but maybe that’s just the crappy neg carriers.

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I’m a total nooby to scanning. Find More Posts by reubelim. Also didn’t have the time to clone out the scruff. I became convinced long sccan that I could learn more by looking at the actual negative vual a digital second generation contact sheet. So after a few weeks I got myself the new scanner, took it home tried to test it The first scan seems smoother yet brighter on my monitor. The third arrow button is the final scan button for the selected frames.

Find More Posts by Nokton I did mean an Epson I dimage scan dual ii can tell much from negatives as far as which might make a good printso I use the Epson to proof them and decide which ones go to dimage scan dual ii enlarger. Think I am ji the hang of the Minolta with Vuescan.

The Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II film scanner

Thanks again for all the feedback and comments all! Originally Posted by reubelim Hi Nokton, Afraid we’re in the same boat. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Who would use a straight scan as a final photo?

But I am in the minority. I simply lay the film out on the light box and edit there.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II Film Scanners

Originally Posted by reubelim Dimage scan dual ii Bob, appreciate the advice. You would only output 16 bits for subsequent tonal processing in programs that can accept it, like Photoshop, and when that is complete, you would convert to 8 bit mode for storage and use.


This is dimage scan dual ii my own preference instead of the Auto button. Last edited by Steve M. The V lacks a bit of detail sharpness compared to the dedicated scanners, but maybe that’s just the crappy neg carriers.

If anyone dimage scan dual ii experience with these scanners, do you think one or both would fit this purpose? I noticed a difference in her eyebrows. Thanks Bob, appreciate the advice.

Your mind can simply convert the negative image to a positive one for evaluation unless you have a preconceived notion that you cannot do so.

BTW, shot using an F4 dimage scan dual ii 4. That was obviously a big mistake, although dimage scan dual ii DR wasn’t nearly as good as the V so it would have struggled with some of my negs anyway. That may change though once I get the flatbed. Didn’t know they went for that much of a bundle. Find More Posts by Frank Petronio. Show Printable Version Email this Page. You guys have good eyes! About a year ago I bought myself a Canoscan F, I was so excited to use it, so when I came home I installed it all Yeah, I was a bit surprised by them.

Just wanted to share this shot I took last Saturday, then scanned using Vuescan’s sharpening and light grain reduction, then default white balance and white and black points, but dmage some curves adjustment and a tad brightening.