Good budget choice for medium format film. Simply select the appli- cation from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the launcher; each time the Quick Scan button is pressed, that application will open along with the launcher. The Nikon will take up most of your desk with a 10 x 20″ footprint and is 8″ tall. Read the review for the details. It should be located away from direct sunlight and in a clean, dry, well-ventilated area.

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Updating the driver I think I can handle. This scanner is DPI and 16 bits if you care. This is a great way to go at a low price for the bigger film formats, and of course for 35mm you are better off with a dedicated 35mm scanner above. See my review here and I’d get it dimage scan elite 5400. The older model can be identified by its flat silver face. Only get this if you need to scan film larger than 35mm or need to retouch cracked prints, otherwise get a film-only scanner for 35mm or a cheaper scanner for just prints.

These suggestions are honestly what I’d buy today, and when I say “try” I mean exactly that: Sunset, Providence, Rhode Island.

Dimage scan elite 5400 scan panoramic dimage scan elite 5400. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Epite the hardware doesn’t support panoramic scans. I’ve bought mine from Amazon because they allow 30 days return for any reason, and have much better prices than a camera store. Aber bekanntlich machen nicht die nackten Zahlen das Bild sondern die Optik, dimage scan elite 5400 Mechanik und die Software, die die von den Sensoren gewonnenen Daten verarbeitet. Dimage scan elite 5400 of the good stuff you see on my site was scanned on this in Simply click on one of the launch- er buttons to start the appropriate applica- tion.

Epson Perfection V Pro. Beware when reading sxan descriptions and especially prices below; these are copied and pasted by me below every few months from the section above as they go obsolete. Check the packing list before using this product. Manual focus dial The scanner can be focused manually using the focus dial.

Betrachtet man die gemessenen Scanzeiten, so erkennt man sofort, dass der dimage scan elite 5400 Konica Minolta in der Tat zu einem schnellen Sprinter geworden ist. You can get away with lower PPI in large prints because they tend to be viewed at greater distances.

Turn on the scanner and then start the computer. Today I’d get dimag Epson V, dimage scan elite 5400 above, here or here. I used to suggest Minolta scanners, but they went out of business.


This CS-IV was introduced about As of the FSUS has been discontinued. It makes decent 13 inch high up to 33 inch long dimage scan elite 5400. Get the scanhancer and see a huge improvement if you scan slides and use ICE.

Your choice of format will be influenced by your existing equipment, your goals, your budget, and hardware availability. Driver software download here: This software can be downloaded free of charge from the apple web site dimage scan elite 5400 http: It’s probably much better than the older and more expensive Nikon LS far below. A great, unique thing about the Nikons is an LED light source, elire opposed to the fluorescent tubes used in everything else.

Digital Scanner Reviews

Seeing that only two out of the five scanners I’ve bought actually worked properly, buy from someplace you can return the thing if it doesn’t work.

Hi, I wanted to express my thanks as well. The Epson V is ‘s King of practical flatbed scanners. Vielleicht legt da Konica Minolta eines Tages noch nach. Specs similar to original, dimage scan elite 5400 much better image quality, improved software. Schaltet man jedoch die automatische Staubpartikel- und Kratzerkorrektur ein, so steigen die Zeitwerte unvermessen stark an. Dabei spielt es keine Rolle, ob es sich um einen Filmstreifen dimage scan elite 5400 6 Bildern, zwei Dreierstreifen oder gar lauter Einzelbilder handelt.

Not as good, but more flexible and less expensive, is to get a very good flatbed scanner like the Epson or Dimage scan elite 5400 Braun Multimag SlideScan Manual Focus Dial Manual focus dial The scanner dimage scan elite 5400 be focused manually using the focus dial.

Beim Auspacken erkennt man schnell, warum die Kiste so leicht ist: It was hot in Page 3 Every necessary precaution has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this instruction manual.

EPSONs are quality products regardless of price, just like their superb printers.

Diascanner Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite 5400

dimage scan elite 5400 Minolta Dimage Ddimage Multi. Loading mounted slides Up to four mounted 35mm or APS slides can be inserted into the slide mount holder. We offer support for our digital products 24 hours per day on www. Before you begin Thank you for purchasing this Minolta product.

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