Our overall judgment is that this is indeed an exceptional digicam lens, but people using the F for architectural work will probably want to investigate the new distortion-correcting features of the PhotoGenetics software we’ve previously reviewed. However, with the AC adaptor, the camera seems to work just as well for the situation except for the one-up attribute I personally feel is creative and innovational when having so many possibles with use of the “ROTATING LENS” -which is similar in music to the ‘blues’ in having one basic chord structure but getting as much information as possible out of those chosen chords [if on a stringed-instrument] as an analogy to photography essence when getting the most performance and use out of the smallest amount of components and programming which Sony has magnificently done with the Sony-Cyber Shot family. Movies can be recorded in five, 10 and 15 second increments, based on the Record Time Set feature in the record menu. Planet y Yes a great camera it was, ways ahead at the beginning of the 21 century. Shimoda has opened up pre-orders for its smallest backpack to date, the Explore Not on the F, which utilizes very good quality five times equiv.

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Indoor and Outdoor adjust for artificial and dsc-g505 lighting, just as they sound. Our reason for doing so here is that we’ve been so completely over the top on the lens’ sharpness that we wanted to avoid accusations of bias, or that we overlooked its relatively minor defects.

Nov 7, 15 video.

Technical Specification

We must say though, that we really liked the feel of a digicam with a manual focus option that really works like that dac-f505 a standard 35mm camera lens. The pop-up flash on the DSC-F works from Their is no viewfinder but a LCD display which due to the ergonomic design I became use to very quick.

As with all Imaging Resource camera tests, we encourage you to let your own eyes be the judge of how well the devices performed: In Play mode, the left and right arrow buttons scroll through images.

Cinemartin launches Fran cameras with 8K global shutter and Raw support. Filmmaker Jimmy Chin has worked all over the world, in some of ds-cf505 most remote places on earth. The F like the Coolpixis also encased in a highly durable, die-cast magnesium alloy body.

Sony DSC-F505 Review

Spot metering is quickly turned on and off via a button on the side of the lens. Dsc-f055 spent an evening with the Z7 at DEFY Wrestling, which offered plenty of peak action and tricky lighting – see the results in our updated sample gallery.

The F has caused quite a stir over the last couple of weeks, it’s announcement clouded in secrecy and cleverly exposed day dxc-f505 day until we were presented with the full specifications.


This means that you can dsc-f55 up the battery, stick the camera in a drawer for a month, and find the battery still fully charged when you pick it up again. As noted above, the entire Memory Stick can be write protected by sliding the lock switch on the card into the lock position.

Movies can be recorded in five, 10 and 15 second increments, based on the Record Time Set feature in the record menu.

Digital Cameras – Sony DSC-F Digital Camera Review

Even starting with fresh batteries, we’ve more than once ended up with the batteries dying on us right in the middle of the best shooting conditions, at the peak of the action, etc. Focus Control Located on the side of the lens, this sliding switch puts the camera in either Auto or Manual focus mode.

In manual focus mode, the lens is focused via the very standard-looking and -feeling focusing ring on its front. Forced means that the flash always fires, regardless of light, and Suppressed simply means that the flash never fires. Google Pixel 3 sample gallery. There’s been a lot of talk about this new, hybrid LCD and how well it works in direct sunlight.

Pressing the Menu button in this mode pulls up the following menu:. On the base located dead ce nter of the lens barrel is a metal tripod mount surrounded by a thick metal mounting plate.

Overall though, we were very impressed with the DSC-F It provides among the best optics systems in the industry to deliver crisp detail and image clarity. Nov 2, The magnesium alloy body remains relatively light weight at 15 dscc-f505 g without battery and memory stick. Although the size of the lens prevents it from fitting into small pockets, its functionality well makes up for it. European versions presumably support the PAL standard.

Nov 6, 96 video. Improved interpolation technology delivers cleaner digital zooming with less distortion than other cameras when using digital zoom. Before you email us, yes, we’ll be testing some of the Mavica units in the near future. We also like the way the Memory Stick cards can be write-protected by sliding a tiny switch on their back. However, the standard Sony ‘memory stick’ is the only compatible memory source the camera will accept.