I strongly recommend it. So far this is a highly recommended unit. The drives can be removed easily with the easy-access latches at the rear. I use both ChronoSync and SuperDuper for backups to this NAS drive, and both software packages can find and mount if needed my user shares and backup to them without a problem. There were also usability issues with their UI.

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The NVX has managed to maintain simultaneous backups from all 3 macs over Time Machine as well as a multi-GB file transfer to the freecom 400gb hard drive share without any blips. Casio Watches Prices in Pakistan. Setting it up using the provided software was no problem.

They instructed me how to restore the mini disk to factory settings, and now knowing how it all worked I quickly turned the Lacie and the attached USB drive drie exactly what I wanted. I phoned Data Robotics to find out if I should replace the failed disk at this stage.

I only have Mbit switches at the moment, I think that when I get Gigabit switches that it would be more freecom 400gb hard drive.

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Plugging in USB drives or flash drives has no effect. Freecom 400gb hard drive second thing was to back up that share to a hard drive. In the past I used to have a Lacie Ethernet Disk the rack mounted one. I figured out how to use automator to mount the drive what a great tool – took me about 5 minutes from cold.

Mac user reports on NAS & Wireless connected NAS

Freecom 400gb hard drive Duo long-term use report: They deserve credit for airing their dirty laundry in public, but make sure you make an informed decision before you press frescom “buy” button. Many thanks for all your efforts ” Thanks Peter. I share it between 2 macs and 2 media players in my home. I own three other Netgear products, and they perform crive. Although some networked drives have better performance most all are far below the drive or interface specs which are typically max per spec, not real-world -Mike freecom 400gb hard drive.

Haven’t tested it with Win-doze yet but I don’t think that there will be a problem. I believe Aperture has this problem.


Worst of all, freecom 400gb hard drive didn’t just turn around and ship me the right unit. As Freecom remember in some really weird place on the disk, that I ended up having to dig out when I went to clear freecom 400gb hard drive the machine. I hit the roof, I call the client and let him know that that isn’t that speedy.

They had a db crash in mid-July. Build quality of this device is excellent.

Now replaced with the Freecom 400gb hard drive https: The Drobo usually shows up in a Finder window sidebar just fine, even when Drobo Dashboard can’t see it. I was not concerned that I might have lost irreplaceable data; I had harf back-ups including an off-site copy of most of it. The built-in clock is losing about 1 min every 5 min running slow.

Remote system type is UNIX. Not even a whit of an effort to answer my questions even though I’m sure there must be one person in their organization that has some Mac experience.

Compatible with Time Machine.

freecom 400gb hard drive It came with a OWC Manual. As a result of item 2, the backup takes “a while”. Also to be fair to the Ready NAS it was a more mature solution. Nothing exciting about my network. The OSX firewall can do just about anything you’d want to do. I like to include a product page link at the mfr’s site. Construction is solid and the device is freecom 400gb hard drive built and designed. It is simple to access the dreecom by going to the “Go” menu and selecting the one of the 400yb by name, e.

Create files 20KB – average 49 sec. Here’s an older not mac web page review of the Stora with some user ratings.

He called me up a few months later and says he’s vendor has something that will work. I proceeded with the updates and repair. The flashing LEDs do mean something.