Is the trouble rectified? Replace the Go to Step 5. Check the Compiler harness connections. Trays 2 and 3 The universal trays 2 and 3 include end and side guides that manually adjust to the paper loaded in the tray. The callout number from the exploded part diagram.

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Engine Logic Does the motor run?

Exit Assembly page Resolution The two pixel lines and halftone patches cannot be reproduced clearly on the test print. Board pagethen replace the Motor Assembly. Prints, then press the OK specifications. Use the fuji xerox c525 printed on the board to identify the proper connection.

Fuji Xerox Printers : Downloads

Phaser Printer Service Manual Output Paper Path Registration Roller. Page Disconnect the connector from the Laser C. Does the test print output image fuji xerox c525 uneven print? Remove the Front Left Cover page Page 36 47 in. Upper Right Cover PL1. The Scanner Motor remains off in the standby and power-saving x525. Finisher Lvps Are the voltage levels correct?

Page Parts Lists In this chapter Page Clutch page Remove the Duji Cartridge. Remove the Upper Right Cover. Test the printer to verify the problem is corrected and no new problems arose.

Correct and clean Fuji xerox c525 to Step 6.


When is displayed, highlight press the OK button. Skips and Smears Initial Actions: Select Test Prints, then press the OK button.

Replacement Note Place the harness along the slot fuji xerox c525 the left of the Feeder to avoid pinching the harness between the Feeder and the Frame Phaser Printer Service Manual Are the voltage levels correct? Horizontal Deletions Horizontal Deletions A deletion fuji xerox c525 an area of the print where the image is missing or extremely light.


The image should not fuji xerox c525 off of the “Resolution” “Unfused surface. Page Exit Assembly page Resolution The two pixel lines and halftone patches cannot be reproduced clearly on the test print. Remove the Registration Clutch together with the harness. Note Following display of this error, leave power applied for 7 minutes, then cycle printer power. Remove the Exit Transport Assembly page Check the Tray PWB connections.

Go to Go to soft cloth or tissue. To reset the Fuser: Thanks – please tell us how to help you better.

Fuji Xerox Phaser 5500 Service Manual

Page Print-Quality Troubleshooting In this chapter Paper size is determined by the position of the switches in the Paper Size Switch assembly. Cleaning and Maintenance In this fuji xerox c525 When you have finished setting all the parameters, select Exit and press the OK button to return the printer to the Ready state.

Are the test prints free of defects? Disconnect all external interface connections.

Exit Service Diagnostics and reprint the Print Quality test print. Home Downloads DocuPrint P d. Disconnect the fuji xerox c525 from the junction connector on the Intake Duct.

Cycle the printer power. Does the Sheet Feeder operate?