Manual Send is the transmission method that allows you to send a fax after you make a phone call to a remote machine and then check that the connection is established. About Internet Fax Specify a recipient with up to characters using the keyboard displayed on the touch screen. The Address Book cannot be used. Staple Position This option is displayed when the finisher is installed. Pull up the handle of the top cover of the document feeder, and then open the top cover until it stops. This guide describes how to operate the machine and the precautions you should follow during operation.

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Fuji Xerox DocuCentre-IV 3065 User Manual

Note that the specifications and the appearance of the product may change without prior notice. Select a folder to save the data in. Photographs Scanning a Color Photograph Scan This chapter describes the basic operations and features for the Scan services.

Overview of Machine Status Select [Show Fuji xerox docucentre iv 2060 in the [View] menu to display the file in thumbnail view. Receiving Internet Fax About Internet Fax Specify a recipient with up to characters using the keyboard displayed on the touch screen. Close the finisher front cover.

Fuji Xerox DocuCentre-IV 2060 Administrator’s Manual

Names of 31 characters or less Adds a number to the end of the printer name. To disable button operations on the control panel, select [Device Access] and select [Locked], and then select [Save] and then [Close]. Page Error Code Error Fuji xerox docucentre iv 2060 Cause and Remedy kv Finisher malfunction [Remedy] Switch off the machine docucenre, make sure that the touch screen is blank, and then switch on the machine power. Other Settings 5 Tools the revocation status of the certificate.

Configure the server settings for sending e-mails. Load the document face up when the Confirmation indicator document is 2-sided, place the front side up Page 4 Fax Open the document cover. Page 12 Appendix Value Line termination Sets line termination processing.

Remove the jammed paper. User name Domain name User name: Using The Internet Fax Service 11 Using the Internet Fax Service Internet Fax Overview When the Fax feature is docucenfre and the machine is equipped with the Internet Fax Kit optionalthe machine can transmit scanned fuji xerox docucentre iv 2060 as an e-mail attachment using a corporate intranet or the Internet, unlike conventional fax machines which use public phone lines.


Name To change the recipient name, enter a new name with the keyboard displayed by selecting [Name]. To use the Scan services, network settings are required.

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Then, the user can access the URL to retrieve the scanned data. Send From Folder 6 Send from Folder This chapter describes the basic operations and features to use folders. Entering Text Entering Text During operations, a screen for entering text sometimes appears. The settings configured here are valid when printing DocuWorks files without using “ContentsBridge” provided by Fuji Xerox.

Between the machines with the F Code feature, including those manufactured fuji xerox docucentre iv 2060 other companies, various features making use of F Code can be used. Density Select the text density of the Watermark. Page Trouble during Faxing Symptom Cause Remedy You are using fuji xerox docucentre iv 2060 feature Confirm whether the destination fax such as the polling feature supports the feature.

Use only toner fuji xerox docucentre iv 2060 recommended by Fuji Xerox. Contact our Customer Support Center if the problem persists after you have tried the following solutions. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. The following recipient fuji xerox docucentre iv 2060 models with the Fax feature can establish a peer- to-peer communication with the machine for the Internet Fax Direct feature: You cannot enter a number less than the number of copies that have already been printed.

You can assign original sizes to the buttons other than [Auto Detect]. Confirm whether the paper tray is set correctly. Specifications This section lists the main specifications of the machine. Re-enter Group Recipients Specifies whether you need to re-enter group addresses after entering a group address. Book Copying copying Facing Pages Onto Separate Sheets 3 Copy Upright Images Dovucentre this option when placing the top edge of the document fuji xerox docucentre iv 2060 the top side doxucentre the document glass or document feeder.

To receive files in a folder using derox F Code method, notify the sender of the following information: User Mode Specify the paper xegox to use for printing received fax documents.