I really need to get information off the hard drive, any ideas on how to do that with a dead computer. Almost like it short circuited or something. This guide provided the extra look that I needed to do the repairs. Is it okay that the joints are only soldered on partially? This makes it difficult to get a nice coating like in the picture , and will probably cover more area than needed.

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DC power jack repair guide

I ordered a new adapter. When power button pushed the gateway 6510gz led lights come on for 5610gz. To download and update your Gateway drivers manually, follow the instructions below. Grab the power jack and carefully try removing it from the motherboard. I must say gateway 6510gz, removing the old jack and cleaning the terminals is a lot more difficult for the unskilled than you make out, especially the positive post or the one furthest from the edge there is very little gateway 6510gz to anchor to.

DC power jack repair guide | Laptop Repair

I put everything back the way I took it apart. Josh, That could gateway 6510gz your problem.

I am working on Toshiba Satillite AS; some of the holes are marked and some are not. D Emachines E Series: I never gateway 6510gz I could pull something like this off, but it worked!!! Is this something I can fix by myself?

The center pin which goes inside the jack is a little loose I can feel it a bit. If it was black before, gateway 6510gz was probably a short, but if it was black after you most likely have a little gunk on the chip that can be taken off with a tough tooth brush and some rubbing alcohol. Kish, Can you see any LED lights on the front when you plug in the gateway 6510gz adapter?

That roughed them up a bit as well and allowed me to clean up the edges of the solder joint. Thank you for the tutorial. But soon after, I started getting a message that the laptop is docked, but the AC Adapter type is not recognized, and to undock the laptop or use another adapter gateway 6510gz the docking station.


This makes it difficult to get a nice coating like in the picturegateway 6510gz will probably cover more area than needed. Right gateway 6510gz and know-how I guess.

Apparently, there is nothing wrong with the 6510gx but there is gateway 6510gz problem with the motherboard in your laptop. Would it possible work?

If the laptop works fine with one module in both slots, but fails with the second module in both slots, apparently the second memory module is bad. When i notice this i will follow the step listed up until you will remove the jack.

All my soldering knowledge is limited to power jack replacement. If you accidently pull out the thru gateway 6510gz pad sleeve on the positive terminal you must reconnect both sides of the connection. Yea…you read that right. If your driver is not listed and you know gateway 6510gz model name or number of your Gateway device, you can use it to Search our Gateway Device Driver Database. This is the second time I tried to fix this. Alan, Not sure what could be wrong.

L, D, D, D Note: Disconnect the LCD gateway 6510gz cable from the motherboard. Thanks for the detailed posting.

Gateway Drivers Download

Try turning on the laptop. What do you think may be causing this? You are gateway 6510gz Greatest man alive. I liked Gene Goldstein post on cutting away 6510hz small part of the case instead of removing everything.