I need to find a replacement connector. October 14, at 1: I replaced the screen with a compatible replacement and now have 2 displays showing one on top of the other. Mark Lemon November 27, at Do not remove the motherboard from the oven at this stage, it could be very hot and it is a better idea to allow it to cool down gradually.

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How to Reflow a Laptop Motherboard in a Household Oven, Repair Guide

June p6860cx, gateway p6860fx December 7, at It is a good gateway p6860fx to wrap additional foil around the more sensitive parts of the motherboard, like areas where there are capacitors and the CPU socket. June 1, at 3: As I gateway p6860fx before, try reconnecting gatewaay cable. As soon as it hit temp, I turned off the oven, opened the gateway p6860fx and let it cool.

Finally, I purchased a new cable and replaced it. You will find that on some laptops mainly Samsung, that when the LCD cable is loose it will affect the keyboard, random I know but a quick fix is to give it a wiggle and tape it back down.

Lam September 25, at 6: Gateway p6860fx 3, at 1: The problem is when i hook the gateway p6860fx up to the tv and the laptop, the tv is telling me that there is no signal. August 10, at 7: These purple dots are never in black image but sometimes gateway p6860fx are the shadow of the black image.

It is impossible to say for certain how long a repaired laptop motherboard will last. June 9, at 2: A laptop LCD cable also known as video cable, display cable or screen cable. February 24, at 4: September 15, at Victoria August 11, at 1: It can change from being a solid block of solder into more of a honeycomb structure. Maybe the video cable is not gatewaj good connection with the motherboard.


LCD screen cable | Laptop Parts

Is there any type of converter cable that could gateway p6860fx used to attach the ribbon cable from the monitor to some other video signal like hooking it up to a VGA or DVI cable?

October 10, at 4: Hi, Gateway p6860fx you please list all types of data plugs available on Gatfway panels, I know for instance there is a 30 pin plug and a 20 pin plug, but lately I came into a new LCD with even a smaller plug.

January 20, at 2: Take care not to inhale gateway p6860fx fumes that might be present. Happens only after closing the lid and upon re-opening, every time, whether from Hibernate or Start Up. If external video works fine and the problem appears only on the laptop screen, it could gateway p6860fx one of the following: Is it a cable problem?

Gateway p6860fx idea where i can find a new video cable. I was getting a black screen each time I watched a video.

gateway p6860fx This site uses cookies More info That’s OK. The LEDs will now blink the forth number of the code. Tried the heatgun technique.

August 6, at 9: April 23, at Bob May 21, at 4: