Any ideas or suggestions? It is NOT a battery. Sometimes the flashing is steady, sometimes it is inconsistent. April 11, at 8: I have applied almost all suggestions herein above contained.

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The amber light by the battery is on but I have no other lights anywhere, no beeps, nothing. Check all your ports. I have four USB ports in the back and have not figured out which one is gx520 sm bus controller it but unplugging the USB ports fixed the problem with the on switch blinking orange and keeping my computer from booting.

Then undid the 4 wire connector powering the fan, removed it and gx520 sm bus controller it thoroughly as dust was on the unseen lower edge of the blades. Everytime Nothing new on the computer i added a firewire card a year ago. Just like a car battery, its life is limited.

Well, what can I say?

A Blinking Orange Power Light

Apply some heat sink compound to top of processor and reattach heat sink. The led starts blinking…. February 12, at 1: Instead it has orange light.

Disconnected all USB devices and the computer booted normally. I had to wait for the lights to turn off and when I tried to turn on the laptop, it wont boot up and I see orange blinking lights. Giving me the idea of bad battery connection.

Anyways, got another Dell power supply gx520 sm bus controller Ebay and have been fine since. Tonight, after a 12 hour power outage, it showed no signs of life after repeated attempts. I tried any combination of installed cards but always the same result: September 30, at 4: So, one more thing to try would be to turn it off overnight!

THe battery seems really warm but I dont know if that is a dell thing or not. The external drive was powered by an external power supply which sends voltage into gx520 sm bus controller USB cord, even gx520 sm bus controller off bad design? The hard drive is good as well.

I just wanted to add my 2 cents worth. Jim, worked for me thanks a million. When I plugged it in it was immediately a new RAPID and short lived amber blink, followed by a ocntroller green light, then quiet.


After encountering gx520 sm bus controller dreaded Dell flashing yellow light i was greatly relieved to find this little oasis of useful information. Unclip pressure mechanism and pull gx520 sm bus controller and reseat processor. I thought I had beaten it when I replaced the 3V battery, untill I pushed the power button in, then the blinking started again. John, cheers for that.

September 11, at January 8, at 5: I tried every single advice but not any of the ones where I have to open my laptop. Per some of the commenters here, I was checking my USB ports on the front and back to see if any pins were bent. I have an orange blinking power light on my dell dimension After about 5 tries, I got the green light for a second.

The only thing we can add is when we changed the battery, on powering up, it worked for about a second Then went back to the orange light again. Also that its rightly pressed. After a few minutes the blinking amber light is gone. February 8, at 7: No good still wont fire up.

What this does is discharge the capacitors in the PS. All I get is an orange blinking light from the tower gx520 sm bus controller the number 2 is lit on the tower as well.

October 2, at 9: I xg520 the identical problem. Never would have thought that USB could be the culprit in something like this.

I have tried all your suggestions but to no avail. March 25, at 8: January 8, at 8: Swearing under my breath.

A Blinking Orange Power Light

Many visitors have provided additional solution ideas in the comments conrtoller below. Processor Speed — gx520 sm bus controller. Problem solved for the time being. I had an old Dell OptiPlex GX that hadd the same flashing orange power button and a once-over all the ports and vents with compressed air solved it at least for now.

Computer seems to be working okay, but I am concerned about that darn light.