Problem is, for the majority of spotstars their time at the top of their game can be fleeting. I usually talk to them and gauge their experience before I let them touch my clubs before I started working on them myself. I also got the ferrules there. This is what swingweight adjusts, plain and simple. If the shafts you buy are not already cut to the right length, or if you want to customize the length to adjust the stiffness , you will need to cut them. His name is Andrew Ash www. Soap and water will get it off.

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Couldn’t find it at first, but here is a good link. After 24 hours is up, apply some acetone to a paper towel liberally, hold the towel to the ferrule, and spin it.

Reshaft. How much ? | GolfMagic

If the shaft does break, however, all is not lost. Here’s the link to Hawk’s guide. What shafts do you want?

An electric gun will probably be best; it’s slower, but you won’t risk doing damage to the crown or any other non-metal parts. Thanks for your help, Matt.

I use a Dremel to do that, but most anything will work. Some of the deals that will be floating around in January will throw something nice up for you I am sure. Already have an account? Grips and installation included? All depends on where you go. There is nothing on the market to tempt me to replace them at how much does it cost to reshaft a moment, except possibly the Miura blades Reshafting irons – what’s an average price?

Looking at a deal or two on ebay Dremel tool with cut-off wheel 2-part epoxy sandpaper q-tips acetone vice read on shaft puller read on leather gloves electric heat gun new ferrule the heat will most likely ruin the old one Make sure the shaft you want to put in matches the shaft you’re replacing.


Leftover epoxy residue will hinder a solid bond to the new shaft, as well as possibly not allow it to fully seat.

Titleist and Wilson fit them as standard in some of their clubs. How much to re-shaft irons? I have never had to reshaft irons, so I’m lost when it comes to pricing.

If you don’t see your post, it’s probably because your account has low karma and AutoModerator removed it. Try looking for a club with costt prolite or have a prolite fitted.

Awards, Achievements, and Accolades. Then properly prepare the new shaft and use the proper epoxy to glue the head with requisite ferral to the shaft.

I got mine done recently,it was around 25 bucks with a new fat grip. All times are GMT How much does it cost to play golf in America? You can buy new or used shafts on eBay, and I did just that when I wanted to change my irons to lightweight steel.

Reshaft. How much ?

This is what swingweight adjusts, plain and simple. Are they the standard head or copper? I currently have Again, use leather gloves if doing this by hand!!! Your intial investment on the supplies needed, will cost a few bucks Oh yes, you’ll also need a vice.

Trainer makes hod fair point – the shaft plus fitting could cost. Slide the ferrule onto the shaft.