Views Read Edit View history. It was also priced much higher than the dual-processor DP versions. Both of these Prescott-derived Xeons have the product code Total transistor count is 1. Older models added the Xeon moniker to the end of the name of their corresponding desktop processor, but more recent models used the name Xeon on its own. The Xeon branded Prestonia and Gallatin were designated , like Northwood. Like Nocona and Irwindale, they also have product code

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hp g6000 coprocessor mid, the Xeon brand was introduced “Pentium” was dropped from the name. As before, the main difference between the desktop and server versions is added support for ECC memory and improved energy efficiency doprocessor the Xeon-branded parts. Older models added the Xeon moniker to the end of the name of their corresponding desktop processor, but more hp g6000 coprocessor models used the name Xeon on its own.

The product code for Cascades mirrored that of Coppermine ; On 11 November Intel presented Yorkfield -based Xeons — called Harpertown hpp code — to the public. This article’s lead section does not adequately summarize key points hp g6000 coprocessor its contents. List of Intel Xeon microprocessors “Sandy Bridge” 32 nm. The 36xx-series follows the 35xx-series Bloomfield uni-processor model while the 56xx-series follows the 55xx-series Hp g6000 coprocessor dual-processor model and both are socket compatible to their predecessors.

Coprocesaor of Intel Xeon microprocessors “Lynnfield” 45 nm.

It is unclear whether the coptocessor Based Switching” power management is available on the L The series, codenamed Tigerton product code hp g6000 coprocessor a four-socket packaged in Socket and more capable quad-core processorconsisting of two dual core Core2 architecture silicon chips on a hp g6000 coprocessor ceramic module, similar to Intel’s Xeon series Clovertown processor modules.

List of Intel Xeon microprocessors “Sossaman” 65 nm.

There was no Sandy Bridge hp g6000 coprocessor of these processors. The main benefit of the new microarchitecture is the new lithography process, which results in better power hp g6000 coprocessor.


A single model was released in Marchthe Xeon L Intel released relabeled versions of its quad-core Core 2 Quad Yorkfield Q and Q9x50 processors as the Xeon series product code List of Intel Xeon microprocessors “Jasper Forest” 45 nm. List of Intel Xeon microprocessors Xeon Exxx v2 uniprocessor. List of Intel Xeon microprocessors “Potomac” 90 nm.

Xeon – Wikipedia

Dempsey was the first Xeon core in cprocessor long time to be somewhat competitive with its Opteron-based counterparts, although it could not claim a decisive lead in any performance metric — that hp g6000 coprocessor have to wait for its successor, the Woodcrest. Intel claims the series Xeons offer more than twice the performance per watt as Intel’s hp g6000 coprocessor generation series.

Retrieved 13 September Announced on 15 September The Foster shared hp g6000 coprocessor product code with Willamette. It was followed shortly by the Nehalem microarchitecture. Xeon Beckton with and without the heat spreader. List of Intel Xeon microprocessors “Cranford” 90 nm.

Although it uses the same socket as consumer processors, it is limited to the C server chipset series and will not work with consumer chipsets like Z It is a server hp g6000 coprocessor workstation version of the Intel Core 2 processor. List of Intel Xeon microprocessors “Kentsfield” 65 nm. It is hp g6000 coprocessor at the “blade” market. A planned successor, codenamed ” Merom MP ” was to be a drop-in upgrade to enable Sossaman -based servers to upgrade to bit capability. The first processor released with the Nehalem microarchitecture is the desktop Intel Core i7which was released in November Archived from the original on 11 September Up to 64, over when used with dual Xeon Phi co-processors.

This was based on the ” Northwood ” Pentium 4 core.