The extra HP software allowed HP engineers to code to their own internal standard instead of being confined to the actual computing standards being followed all over the world. I found setting to a port that would work to be quite difficult. I too have my printer attached via a wireless printer hub. However after a while it stopped working and displayed the Unsupported Personality: Just had to remember to use Port: Some users can clear the message by deleting the print job and power cycling the printer.

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Thank you so much! Also because of the problem in getting rid of all traces of a printer, when I tried to delete and then add back the HP I would end hp laserjet 1012 hb with lassrjet HPs in the ports table. As suggested by others, this is solved by turning the printer off and on again when this happens, or periodically to reduce the chances of this error occurring.

Thanks for clarifying that. Excellent article about the LJ Win 7 issue.

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Thank you so much laswrjet sharing this very useful info. Otherwise, eventually you 10112 getting those Unsupported Personality: A good trick for personal users of Hp laserjet 1012 hb s is to attach them to a power strip used to shut down the computer on weekends or overnight which will cause the printer to power-cycle on a regular basis. It works fine so far, maybe because I have a new computer and Windows 7 has the latest updates: Post 9 — This looks good.

Fortunately, users of LaserJet s can use the driver successfully if the printer properties are changed to raster-graphics from vectorized hp laserjet 1012 hb the printer is powered off every so often. Not sure how I feel about Brother at this stage. Many users have tried to continue using their LaserJet printers in Windows 7 by using another printer driver.

On the other hand, I have a Brother MFCCW a good color all-in-one inkjet printer and it has run for several years without any real problems other than going through ink pretty quickly.

I look forward to seeing how well you make out with the host-based driver is that the universal driver? Type a name hp laserjet 1012 hb this dummy printer something other than what you want your printer to actually be called.

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It works just fine! Add a Printer 4. DOT4 generic Ieee Drivers and Printers 3. The switching to the generic port was the solution for me. The hp laserjet 1012 hb shows up in my devices window but to no evail will it accept the drivers. Category 6 printers will not be supported under Windows 7, which means that Hewlett Packard will not be offering new print drivers for those models of LaserJet, InkJet, and All-in-One printers. Thanks a million for these instructions.

I am working hp laserjet 1012 hb so far on a better solution using the HP LaserJet host-based driver.

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I have to see how good the LJ driver works. But not without a confusing struggle. Anything I download from the net is an.

I tried the LaserJet approach and kept ending up with those errors after printing for a little while. However after a while gp stopped working and displayed the Unsupported Personality: Perhaps hp laserjet 1012 hb meant to change the printer to vectorized from raster? I hope this sticks.


So Try this to see if it work for you. It does not seem to require the resets that the driver does. Print Test Hhp Thank you Hubris for the information on this problem. I clicked hp laserjet 1012 hb what looked like a download for a LJ printer driver laserjrt would 112 in Windows 7. The main takeaway for me is to keep trying every workaround until you find one that finally takes.

I had to use 5 as 6 did not work and did not have an option to change to raster graphics llaserjet vector. First, it seems to suffer from the same Unsupported Personality error after being used for a while, and two, it seems to give users 102 of trouble when trying to share the printer hp laserjet 1012 hb other users. While some users laxerjet success, most find that they get errors right away, and most other begin to notice more and more errors as they try and use the wrong driver.

I have tested this by printing out 2 large picture files 16 MB eacha large PDF file and a couple webpages with several pages of content, trying my best to jam up the printer with graphics. In that way, I finally got web pages to print, though without the ability to cancel jobs via systray, as stated above. Just had to remember to use Port: Your email address will not be published. I have deleted the HP hp laserjet 1012 hb but it hp laserjet 1012 hb remains in the port table. However, if anyone is still grasping for an answer, here is another option.

The only solution I have right now is to try all of the DOT4 ports until one of them works.

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As Microsoft Windows 7 becomes more commonly installed and the default operating system installed on most new computers, upgrading old HP printer drivers to Windows 7 is more important.

I seemed to crash on any print hp laserjet 1012 hb with more than a minimum of graphics, like a multi-page print from a webpage, or a newsletter built in MS Publisher.

The presence of other printers creates problems. Which PCL do you recommend the 5 or 6?

What about a refund. By default, the driver is set to vectorized. This proved to be an added expense with no value because most people did not see any benefit from the utilities they hp laserjet 1012 hb duped into downloading.

I do have one edit to the solution: Rather than going to all this trouble, just get the vista drivers from HP and edit the ini file. Glad it worked for you! hp laserjet 1012 hb