HPlies, old parts are placed in unit,work not done rude CS. To not do anything will only encourage HP and other companies to keep on doing the same crap—over and over again. Sent for repair under warranty.. Personally, I think a good lawsuit is in order and long overdue. Keep up the good work, Yours, RR. It stopped working just after the warrentee was over.

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Geez, is there anything Right! The error comes up after pressing the power button. If it really is Windows Vista compatible, then they should have hp pavilion dv6449us Vista drivers for it, and it should be perfectly fine if you install Vista.

Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

I did this, had the product another 4 months and it happened again. Geek Squad and another local computer repair shop said buy a new computer or replace the mother board.

As it is too hard to push with a finger or thumb. I tried turning the sensor pad mouse on and off, it reminded off. Hp pavilion dv6449us fact, I got it back hp pavilion dv6449us the computer operates OK except the wireless issue. Pavi,ion to a supervisor if pavjlion have to. Once again the motherboard was replaced. See PJ for the 65 watt version.

Has anyone had issues with keyboard skipping letters? HP dvafter a year of working it doesnt start, when press on power blue leds come on and after 5 seconds it shuts down and restarts, screen doesnt light up and neither external monitor working. hp pavilion dv6449us

Shortly after it came back with the case problem resolved, the wireless card ceased hp pavilion dv6449us, and that too was replaced. Concerend about re-intalling windows vista upgrade on my dv If the search function, to the right, does not return any results please click HERE to contact us via email with your make and model number. Each time the repair support service has been excellent, but I would not recommend the HP product itself after such a sub-standard performance.

I also have the wireless issue on my Presario V where the wireless indicator will never turn to blue no matter the position of hp pavilion dv6449us switch. I just received my Refiurbished dv two days ago and was pretty upset to find that the wireless card Broadcom does not show up in the device manager and is not recognized at all. I hope it is hp pavilion dv6449us here in the Philippines. I am no longer willing to work on the HP tech team with no pay and at a lost of data time and money.

So, I encourage anyone having problems to call HP. Could it be a combination of driver and bios?


I have my comp back from HP. Thank goodness HP is allowing a free out of warranty repair in my case.

Well, this will be my 3rd time fv6449us hp pavilion dv6449us back. Phone their Technical Support number and see what they can do for you. This is a fluke.

After the fourth day, today, i contacted them again, and i told them, that my laywer had asked me to call them before he serves legal notice, as according to australian law, a pavilkon is not legally a repair unless it completely fixes the problem, hp pavilion dv6449us as my laptop had been previously fixed on warranty, but the problem has presisted, i am owed a complete repair.

You may need to restart your computer afterwards. Hp pavilion dv6449us indicated that they replaced a system board and I have 90 more days of warranty after the repair. I am simply pissed off. I found the following on the web, which worked, and may work for other HP notebooks.

hp power jack repair – Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

Put RAM back in, still leave battery out. Woulnt recomend Compaq or HP to anyone. I worked rv6449us it til October, when i decided to contact HP. Could not find it by searching for new pavilon. After calling HP and going through the diagnostics routine with their reps, they advised me to ship it back for repair. I got my laptop back a couple of days later, with a replaced system board.

I explained the problem, and what I did to troubleshoot and attempt to fix it. SO can I get the free repair from Indonesia? For now I just continue to hold down the power button so i hp pavilion dv6449us at least use the hp pavilion dv6449us riduculous we pay big money for a problem laptop…. Press the Power button to turn on the computer.

Today started searching and found the critical hp pavilion dv6449us battery charging isue. I thought it could be a virus but nothing? BY Monday it was back at my doorstep!!

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G Emachines G Series: And voila the problem was solved, both speakers work now and so does the power button. Second hp pavilion dv6449us — no sound from the computer. I was told by my computers teacher that it was basically dieing. This is a known issue with the DV series.