Hi Ruchira, I am trying to unlock my Huawei K have the unlock code tried the stagmaster program but it cant find the usb com port or the modem when I press detect, Can you help?? This kind of things makes me write new things! Machan Please help to unlock my dongle. Plz process as mentioned at https: The major change, drastic one, earlier the connection to the internet from my Service Provider was under Dial-up Connection on my Windows 7 PC , for which I was supposed to create a profile on Mobile Partner by providing details like Access Point Number and the Number to which dialing was made and also was supposed to select GSM bands for 3G connection and select a registered network. We will give it a try if we get some instructions!

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Only pay for the supported model, you can check through the drop-down menu.

I have unlocked my airtel 4g es model. Can you help me to unlock? I have a Huawei E with data sim. Few seconds later button is changed.

Thank you apoi for helping others! You are such a wonderful help. It seems Voice feature is not supported in my current version of the firmware. EC imei ; plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hlp mee out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MY Device is Device name: No advertising or spam will be sent. I also do not have the advanced setting option on huawei mobile broadband e1550 hsdpa usb stick device. But there is no sound? Read fully, or atleat top of this page u can, do your self U can use any GSM ser.

I love DIY and Technology. After installing, next I tried to insert the datacard to the port which was unable to detect it. Is it asking for unlock code and attempts are left to enter the code?

Huawaei Eu Imei Help me how to pay?

Unlocking huawei HSPA modem for free

Other posts you might feel interesting Free and simple way to calculate Huawei unlock codes Introduction to DNS systems. Its for removing the lock that your service provider put hsd;a the modem. I can now receive calls through my E modem. The band for the network i want to use with it is Use the original sw for voice future i. Well Im sure there is a method using AT commands why not right?


Preparing the E No need huawei mobile broadband e1550 hsdpa usb stick bradband tool. Since for Unblocking we use Unlock code.

Huawei WiFi Mobile Router, Gateway, Wingle, & Dongle Unlock Code in Cheap Rates

For charges and other details refer E Airtel unlocking. If you have any question, contact us. I am using simple mobile service on a t-mobile Huawei U Give this Unlocker right, correct code for Huawei U?

That means that dongles locked for using one career which you bought the modem from. Im want unlocking e model. The provider is my employer and the cannot know i still have a working simcard… ANY other serious options like calculating who can help me out?

Sir, As respected i am very happy that you send my Huawei E device huawei mobile broadband e1550 hsdpa usb stick code. Pls Is not working for my own modem E Do you mean I should select from my Paypal account the option Pay by Email and input there your email? Found Phone, Phone info: The E is powered on. If anyone knows where a firmware with voice included is, please let me know, post a response huaaei please.

Im using a tmo phone here in sri lanka moobile with an different carrier and it works.

Thank you, Peter Alfonso peteralfonsojr gmail. Do you unlock Huawei Router Bs Today I will show you how to actviate voice calling feature hidden on your huawei medem. If it is Huawei make then Pay 2. Which OS are you using? Hi, I managed to solve the problem.