Related information Intel Stratix 10 Device Pinouts. All unused pins are set to ground by default. Number of flash devices used. You can place more than one. Schmitt Trigger Input or 1. Time period before the watchdog timer times out.

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Flash access time — Specifies the access time of the flash. Added JTAG configuration sequence description. Typical word programming time. Sector Offset Updaate 0x00 — 0x03 Page 0 start address 0x04 — 0x07 Page 0 end address 0x08 — 0x0B Page 1 start address 0x0C — 0x0F Page 1 end address 0x10 — 0x13 Page 2 start intel 28f320c3 flash update device 0x14 — 0x17 Page 2 end address 0x18 — 0x1B Page 3 start address 0x1C — 0x1F Page 3 end address 0x20 — 0x23 Page 4 start address 0x24 — 0x27 Page 4 end address 0x28 — 0x2B Page 5 start address 0x2C — 0x2F Page 5 end address 0x30 — 0x33 Page 6 start address 0x34 — 0x37 Page 6 end address 0x38 — 0x3B Intel 28f320c3 flash update device 7 start address 0x3C — 0x3F Page 7 end address 0x40 — 0x7F Reserved 0x80 devjce You can then updatr the flash by connecting it directly to a programmer.

When your design uses internal oscillator, the configuration process runs between MHz and MHz.

See related for more information about option bits. You can restore the start and end address that you specified for each of the SOF page when converting a.

Allows you to monitor if device initialization is completed. If you select absolute addressing intel 28f320c3 flash update device, the data in the. During power-up until after the device exit power-on-reset PORthe device samples the MSEL pin intel 28f320c3 flash update device to select the configuration scheme. The device then drives the nSTATUS signal low when it goes into the idle state after the device cleaning is done and is ready to accept a new configuration.

Connects to the nOE pin of the flash memory device. A low signal at this pin initiates FPGA reconfiguration.

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The number of devices in the chain is limited only by the drive capability of the download cable. During power-up and until the power-supply is stable, or during reconfiguration, the host drives the nCONFIG signal low. Offset address 0x80 stores the. User input clock for the device. CFI flash extended device ID. During the configuration state, the behavior of the device depends on the configuration scheme you selected.

Include input to force reconfiguration. The flash memory devices in the dual P30 or P33 CFI flash solution deice have the same memory density from the same lfash family updage manufacturer.

You must use external clock source for CvP implementation to meet the PCIe flasu power-up time requirement. Reprogram the host with the production design. Intel 28f320c3 flash update device, the configuration can complete successfully if your design contains more EPCQ-L devices compared to your settings in Programmer File Generator tool. During FPGA configuration, this pin remains intel 28f320c3 flash update device. You can perform JTAG configuration anytime.

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For a passive configuration scheme like Avalon-ST, the device accepts and processes the configuration data. You can store the periphery image in a local configuration device and the core image in host memory, reducing system costs and increasing the security for the proprietary core image. Connects to the nCE pin of the flash memory device. The width of this port depends on the number of flash memory devices in the intel 28f320c3 flash update device. Removed Configurable Node subsection.

Adds a block to accelerate verification. intl

To add a new CFI flash memory device to the database or update a CFI flash device in the database, follow these steps:. All unused pins are set to ground by default. This pin is driven by a processor or any arbitrator that controls access to the flash.

You have a converted a. Updated pudate Configuration Sequence in Stratix 10 Intel 28f320c3 flash update device figure.

01 – Драйвер-пак Chipset

Flash interface data width. If an HPS is present, you can use it to access the flash after initial configuration.

If you select relative addressing mode, specify a start address. You can also add other non-configuration data to the. Alternatively, if you pull up all MSEL pins at power-on, the device tri-states the flash configuration pins. Use this pin for multiple flash memory device support. Input or Output bidirectional pin.

Some of the schemes share the same physical pins on the device. Use advance read mode. Intel recommends specifying a flash access time that is the same as or longer than the required time. Driving the nCONFIG signal from high to low in any state puts the device in device cleaning state where the previous configuration intel 28f320c3 flash update device are wiped. NAND flash uses page instead of byte, and requires more access time.

Updated a step in Setting Additional Configuration Pins. Number of flash devices used. intel 28f320c3 flash update device

To select the configuration clock source, perform the following steps: During configuration, the decompression of the bit stream inside the inhel requires the host to pause before sending more data. If you select Retry from fixed address for intel 28f320c3 flash update device failure option, this option specifies the flash address for the PFL II IP core to read from the reconfiguration for a configuration failure.