For Windows-based systems, there are 7 applications:. The picture card compartment is easily accessible on the left-hand side of the camera. The zoom control toggle on top allows you to quickly zoom in on your subject with a standard focus range of 20 inches 0. This information is stored to the picture card along with the images. All in all, the DC turned in a very respectable performance:

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All the software is conveniently bundled on an Installer CD.

Regardless, the LCD is still immensely helpful when framing your subjects, or when experimenting with what you shot will look like if captured in sepia-tone, or black and white mode.

The DC includes an optical kodqk lens that automatically focuses to provide the best capture of vc240 subject. Most seem to simply turn off the sharpening function in the “soft” mode, while the DC kodak dc240 to actually blur the image somewhat when this option is selected. Pressing the menu button changes what is displayed on the LCD.

You can even choose to have an index print of all your pictures. The zoom control toggle on the top of the camera kodak dc240 you kodak dc240 zoom in kodak dc240 your subjects with a standard working range for kodaak capture between 20 inches 0.

The camera interpolates the image in kodzk time on the Kodak dc240 when zooming digitally. Best stores about three images per megabyte of storage space, Better stores four images per megabyte, and Good kodak dc240 approximately seven images kodaak megabyte.

Other than our general lack of fondness for digital zooms, the one complaint we have about the DC’s digital zoom is that it can’t be used in conjunction kodak dc240 the close-up mode: All in all, the DC turned in a very respectable performance: At the high-resolution level, images are stored at x pixels. The LCD is used for both previewing and reviewing images, kodqk for scrolling through and selecting camera menu options. While it doesn’t quite pass the “shirt-pocket” test, all-in-all it’s an easy to master design, and small enough to encourage packing it along on most trips.

Digital Cameras – Kodak DC Digital Camera Review

The Center-Weighted mode will be most useful for shooting portraits shots, or for dealing with backlit subjects. Overall, the camera is simple to operate-using the kodak dc240 hand to control image capture, and the left hand to navigate through the various buttons kodwk menu options on the LCD viewfinder. High 1, x pixels and Standard x pixels. While it doesn’t quite pass the “shirt-pocket” test, kodak dc240 small enough for a briefcase or large df240, and convenient enough to carry to your next meeting or family gathering.


Kodak DC240

In addition, you’ll see helpful icons appear in the LCD if you have adjusted the cameras exposure, locked the exposure, selected a border to appear over your image, or turned on the date stamp. The picture card compartment is easily accessible on the left-hand side of the camera.

For kodak dc240 preview and review, power the camera kodak dc240 an optional AC adapter. For instance, images that will later kodak dc240 combined together to create a panorama.

Most camera functions are controlled via the LCD menu system, activated by the “Menu” button at upper left.

The White Balance feature of the DC lets you capture images under special kocak conditions fluorescent, evening, or tungsten light, for exampleor create a special color kodak dc240.

All images are captured and stored in standard JPEG format.

Big kudos to Kodak for their provision for user upgrades of the firmware! The “live” images on the LCD are bright and sharp, with a fairly high refresh rate, albeit not kodak dc240 fast as some kovak we’ve tested.

Kodak also recommends that when you use the LCD on the camera, you should limit usage to less than 10 continuous minutes.

kodak dc240 Both the power switch and shutter button on top of the camera are readily accessible, without undo reaching or having to adjust your grip on the camera. The central button which Kodak calls the “Do It” button also serves to turn on kldak LCD screen for use as a viewfinder kodak dc240 in Capture mode. Pressing the Menu button in Capture mode brings up a menu for setting the most commonly-used picture-taking controls.

Kodak Dc240 – Digital Camera

Simply plug the AC adapter into the AC adapter connector under the connector cover on the left-hand side of the fc240 and you’re ready to snap some pictures. Capture Mode With the Mode Kodak dc240 on the rear of the camera set to Kodak dc240, pressing the Menu Button provides the following options for capturing your images:.

Other control buttons are placed very similarly to other cameras. Most camera functions are controlled via the LCD menu system, and activated by the Menu button at the upper left corner. Explore kodak dc240 images on the pictures page, to see how well the DC performed, and how its images compare to other cameras you may be kodak dc240 buying.