In general, if they were never opened, kept away from moisture and the sun, they should be fine. Does this sound right to you? Barcode printing is supported. Hi, never done a refill before, so I just want to know: After removing a paper jam, the status window now keeps reporting that the printer cover is open even though I have double-checked that it is down all the way. I could change it but it does still work and i have to rotate the drum Manually to get to it.

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We have had this problem on numerous 23xx and 24xx printers, where the sensors get covered in toner dust and therefore can’t report status so konica bizhub c450 printer thinks it’s empty.

Konica Minolta / Minolta Copiers from Photocopiers Direct

Device types for Samsung laser printer MLN. To use it, a 32 bit version of the SAPlpd with a number 4.

This is the list of device types supplied by SAP in different Releases. From konica bizhub c450 and copies at up to 22 pages per minute to the added convenience of Konica Minolta?

After printing about 50 blank sheets to clean out the magenta, it started printing pages fine EXCEPT now we cannot get anything to print the color red.

TXT contains information about these device types and codepages. Note contains information on printing labels on special label printers. Thanks, Magnapro, for the suggestion! If this still does not fix the problem, remove the konica bizhub c450 tire it’s dark grey and looks like a half moon and clean it with some rubber renue or windex.

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コニカミノルタ コピー機 年式一覧|格安のコピー機(複合機)のリース。今申し込みをするとホームページが無料で付いてくる!

But has occasionally on power off and power on stopped c50 a short time. If it moves then there is a fault in the rotating mechanism, electrical or mechanical.

KM says the cleaning blade or solenoid on the roller needs replacement or repair. Tested and working with new cartridges. The problem comes and goes of its own accord.

I have a DL and my toner was printing fine than it konica bizhub c450 the “end of life black” i a piece of aluminum foil to bridge the fuse then turned it off and removed it but konica bizhub c450 still at “end of life black” what can i do to reset it?

I havent used it for a few months. I just used my konixa. Is the konica bizhub c450 use the issue or what? It picks up the paper, lays down about six inches of toner down the page, then it jams. I read somewhere that I should clean the three prong device that makes contact with the cartridges. Read all the FAQ’a on Konica’s site and read all the previous postings on here for koniac model – in many cases, you will find the answer.


In general, if they were never opened, kept away from moisture and the sun, they should be fine. CNC68EP is compatible with all releases as of 4. Try cleaning the media rollers with solution. Removing these two konica bizhub c450 tabs with a dremel cutting tool was sufficient to clear the fatal error and now the printer works fine.

All you need to do is look on the door for some kind of protrusion that goes into a slot. They are anchored in konica bizhub c450 C kernel and are developed and maintained exclusively by SAP.

Sorry, my last message got clipped somehow. It is held by one very small screw. Test Case for PostScript Printing 3. Find the small fuse in the lower right corner. Hello again, I went ahead and purchased a new Black cartridge from Minolta to replace the one Konica bizhub c450 recently filled and the printer is working normally again.

Is that the problem? Thank konica bizhub c450 for noting a possible cause – that the toner cartridge s may not be sitting correctly, and thus one may need to pay slose attention when installing a replacement toner cartridge.

Russian with Lexmark T laser printer. I tried printing to card stock which jammed the printer and gave me a 17h fatal error. I have a Minolta di that is giving a C error. The following list of “compatible printers” is based exclusively on information SAP has received from printer vendors.

Konica Questions answered here | FixYourOwnPrinter

The one trick which worked for me a couple of times is to apply a lot of pressue to the center of konica bizhub c450 pickup opening without any paper in the tray.

Go to the Konica minolta site and read the FAQ’a for your printer – it explains about one particularnoise and what causes it, and vizhub cure. I agree, they should woork in either, it is very weird. Konica bizhub c450 code printing from SAP konica bizhub c450 not supported. I cleaned the bizjub toner off the felts and wiper and reinstalled same drum and I have perfect prints on one printer and the other was much improved doing the same thing.

When the toner cartridges rotate a small amount of black toner was falling onto the paper in the tray. When I try to print I can see on the printer box that it is printing, and without printing it deletes it. I reopened and reclosed the front cover, powered off and rebooted the several times to no avail.