Now, this was bit Windows 7, and I know there would be some adjustments for bit Windows 7 and even perhaps for XP, but those can wait. This opened a dialog box that asked me to select the driver to be used for the new Data Source. Just a heads up List blocks and screens can now be defined that can be referenced in ASP pages and in. BUT it doesn’t provide a way of defining a view that straddles the two data sources. I am trying to do this. If he can get to the old install they just do the work station install for v.

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The driver could be installed on select workstations. Post as a guest Name. So creating on-demand access to realtime data is part of the tool set that a Sage CRM developer needs. Maybe it is a faulty assumption on my part that there would be a conflict if I were to install 4. Prefix for data files: Although I am working with the Sage cloud I am going to keep things as simple as possible.

I then un-installed MAS Within an integration some data may be synchronized. I have been able to do this in several other installs. Has anyone a detailed solution for the settings to enable this? Once you have saved the Linked Server, the tables will be visible under the Linked Server catalog.

Once again, testing revealed that the DSN required this information at runtime popped up a dialog box asking for license information. I do have one question, however.

Install ODBC driver without workstation setup

I have odb for a solution besides installing 32bit SQL Server. BUT it doesn’t provide a way of defining a view that straddles the two data sources. I got the LinkedServer query to return records once, and ever after, it just hangs forever. Sign up using Facebook.

You can try and access the data using the fully qualified four-part identifier syntax. That sounded awfully familar–very much like all the prior failure messages, but I noticed the ldbc to possible dependent DLL files, so I reinstalled MAS90 and was rewarded to find, with a bit of guesswork based on file name and date, the accompanying pvxio.


Sometimes there can be challenges odhc linking to external databases because of quirks such as the Database being case sensitive. It comes down to this: Did I miss anything, or was there as likely as not a simple ODBC installation routine hiding somewhere in the MAS90 folders on the server–or, worse yet, another post in this forum that explains all of this? I then provided the Logon information that I was using.

If it’s a 64 bit application access the 64 bit DSN it needs to use the cscript version, which is located in C: The Provider String may at first seem a little complex but the elements are quite easy to 9 it you spend some time to seperate them into different statements seperated by a semi-colon. This article is just one of several that explain how data in a back office 4.00 can be surfaced within Sage CRM.

Please contact your Sage Business Partner, network administrator, or accountant for assistance. The short cut to manage Data sources can be accessed. This article maybe helpful community. Is there any way around this?

I have already reinstalled the workstation. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

etl – Connect Python to SAGE MAS 90 ODBC Driver – Stack Overflow

Subsequent uninsallations of the applications will probably fail because the uninstall information was in the folder that was manually removed. Would that not conflict with the existing 4. It should work using a key of DEMO for testing.

Then another error that reads “The specified DSN contains and architecture mismatch between the Driver and the Application”. I am using the DSN to connect to the database 40 pentaho an etl tool and it works.