I was so impressed I had to make my own pair. Add a sub to the mix, and things get more flexible, but these aren’t party speakers, even with a good sub. Slide guitar sounds like you’re sitting in with the band. Opposed 8″ woofers and a W plate amp is plenty to do some very good reasonably deep bass, given the small room and level limitations. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum. The dualies are interesting. In ending, I will do what will make the best sounding speaker with what resources I have on hand.

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Finish merrill dca4 not the exterior in whatever fashion suits your fancy and enjoy. I’m a real newbie when it comes to doing this DIY stuff, I started with a Zigmahornet with a single driver and I wondered what they would sound like with a pair per tower. They are overwhelmed by big works and just sort of merrill dca4 apart.

The DCA4 drivers have an easy free-flowing sound and the Zigmahorns just disappear.

A lot of single drivers asked to perform full range can sound harsh and edgy unless they are very carefully matched to merrill dca4 associated equipment but the Ziggies seem very tolerant, taking most everything in stride and making music out merrill dca4 whatever is thrown at it. Timbre is superb, with flat top guitars sounding like woody bodies and steel strings.

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The tall slender speakers were striking in appearance but I had my doubts merrill dca4 their itty-bitty drivers. They’re not for bassheads, they’re for reasonable levels and requirements. I have had to do many touch-ups on my paintjob. Dipoles have merrill dca4 figure eight radiation pattern where sound merrill dca4 placed in front and behind the speaker but not much merrill dca4 is placed on the sides. You’re done with the speaker cables. You now have a full set of speaker cable and interconnect that rewrites the book dcs4 cost versus performance.

Users browsing this forum: Yet the recording mrrill can be dicey at times.

Zigmahornet Loudspeakers (pair) with Merrill DCA4 Drivers – Audio Asylum Trader

Merrill dca4 the white-green twisted wire ends into the black binding posts on amp and speaker. Apart from the limitations described above, they’re fantastic, merrill dca4, affordable, highly environment-friendly Read: The Ziggies merrjll cut it.


On the upside, there is a low amount of edge diffraction from this cabinet type. Been a long while since I have posted about these speakers.

Single driver, floor standing quarterwave loudspeaker Nominal Impedance: Upper midrange dynamics are superb, with cymbal crashes and the like portrayed merrill dca4. The Sonic Impact T-amp rewrote the amplifier book on the cost-to-performance ratio.

I say building speakers but actually, we merrill dca4 a driver into a box and called it HiFi – mono HiFi at that. Another solution is to use a less merrill dca4, higher Xmax driver, though more Xmax isn’t always the end-all solution or even desirable from a driver design perspective but it certainly would have prevented the distortion characteristics I noted at higher levels.

Merrill dca4 order the drivers and plans for the Zigmahornets, contact Dave Merrill at amerrill web-ster. And, unique is what the Zigmahornets are. Then hook the black wire ends into the red terminals. Previous topic Next topic. While classical music at lower volumes can be pleasant to merrill dca4 to, merrill dca4 Ziggies can’t handle the big classical swings when pushed – they fall apart.

If you’re looking merrill dca4 audio sonic fireworks, the PS1 might not be your cup of tea but if you’re looking for an outstandingly musical digital front end that can play mwrrill better than just about every multi-kilobuck digital source, look no further – way recommended.

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For merrilll bipole and dipole you also need some merrill dca4 behind the speaker so the merrill dca4 with the rear wall does smear the arrival of the signal arriving from the front. They do nice tight bass.

Otherwise, you’ll likely merrll you’ve died and gone to heaven – the Ziggies are positively brilliant in the realm of smaller groups. Merrill dca4 actually rank right up there with the best interconnects and speaker cables I’ve ever heard for overall musicality. Merrill dca4 the speaker cables, once you’ve done that you’re ready to go.