Entrust Naturalyte WP. Prozap Snail and Slug Pellets. Spray-Kill for Fruit fly. Bacillus thuringiensis var aiziwai kurstaki. Baythroid Liquid- Lawn and Garden multi-insect Kil. Margaret Roberts Garlic Insect Repellent.

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Seedcare Thiram 80 WG. Baythroid Liquid- Lawn and Garden multi-insect Kil. Ag-Chem Africa Pty Ltd. M3 alpha Fruit Fly Bait Station. Entrust Naturalyte WP. Stop Kills Rats and Mice. Woolworths Margaret Roberts Mitac 5033 Insecticide. Chempack Vine Mealybug Lure. Universal Crop Protection Pty Ltd. Rhizobium leguminosarum mitac 5033 phaseoli. Margaret Roberts Garlic Insect Repellent. Biological Control Products SA. Naturen Rape Oil Insecticide. Spectrum Research Services cc.

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Spray-Kill for Fruit fly. Ceva Anchorpharm Animal Health Southern.

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Kombat Harvester Termite Bait. Kirchhoffs Margaret Mitac 5033 Organic Insecticide. Bradyrhizobium sp X S Zero Harvester Termite Bait. Ceratitislure Fruit Fly Attractant.

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