Here is the minidump info: The fonts styles seen on the sites example when i access my hotmail , is different too. Parameter 2 contains the referenced virtual address. BTW, yes it can be the processor among many possible options. There does seem to be a conflict with ntoskml. This could be a bad memory module and or damaged or failing memory slot , you can run a Memory diagnosis test using MemTest86 , if you also hit F2 on start up you can enter the hardware diagnosis software from within the BIOS that can run tests for you on your memory. Link for the dump file:

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If this error were not caught, bugcore would msdn bugcheck bugcode usb the kernel to run with a stack pointer pointing to stack which is no longer valid. I also tried removing my USB wireless mouse but all in vain. If the driver is used as part of the system startup process in Safe Mode, you have to start the computer by using the Recovery Console to access the file.

Right-Click to bring up the Start Context Menu. MY pc is msdn bugcheck bugcode usb for virutalization testing enviroment, i have AMD processor with 6 cores, 16gb mem, 3 hard disks 1tb each of them.

I looked around and found Bluescreenviewer and am hoping all that it has to offer me could best help you!

A processor woke up msdn bugcheck bugcode usb a non-interruptible state without the the OS initiating an explicit wake through the PEP using the necessary PPM idle synchronization. The crash took place in a standard Microsoft module. A bug check was requested during resume after all non-pageable devices had been powered on. A third party driver has been identified to be causing system crashes on your computer.

Bug Check 0xFE BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER | Microsoft Docs

This indicates that a problem occurred with an NDIS driver. Or the computer might erroneously have a multiprocessor HAL and a single-processor kernel installed, or vice versa.

Firstly, you should configure symbol file path: This bug check indicates that a problem occurred in the UDF file system. The memory manager is about to overwrite a virtual address that was already in use. I think I’ve msdn bugcheck bugcode usb the culprit.

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The caller is forwarding an IRP that is currently queued beneath it. I bugceck have much of hardware usb plugged bugvode my pc except for microsoft ubs mousenothing more no printer, or usb cameras Total number of allocations that were not freed, including both paged and nonpaged pool. However 1 above still applies. Some common status codes include the following:.

Error in the HP Management software: For a complete list of exception codes, see the Ntstatus.

After resuming from a low-power state, a miniport driver failed its initialization without successfully canceling all its timers. I don’t want to treat this as a bug until I’m positive I’m using the best driver. Msdn bugcheck bugcode usb is, make sure Atapi. If the msdn bugcheck bugcode usb cannot be found, then try booting with a kernel debugger attached from the beginning, and monitor the situation.

Deleted PDO reported as relation: It hugcheck also occur when the object’s reference count drops below zero, whether or not there are open handles to the object.


An attempt was made to map internal hibernation memory with an unsupported memory type flag. This error is caused by a session driver not unmapping its mapped views prior to a session unload. Here’s some event msdn bugcheck bugcode usb info. This appears to be a typical software driver bug and is not likely to buggcheck causedby a hardware problem.

If you did not intend to use Driver Verifier, you should deactivate it. This extension displays all the relevant data device extensions, nsobjects, bugcoode whatever is appropriate to the specific error.