In order to start the scanning, one now only needs to push the QuickScan button on the device and the scan starts right away with the just made adjustments. The installation of the provided software works problem-free. To be fair though, some of SilverFast’s features are actually quite straightforward to use. Although you may find something “used”, this one will be new with a warrenty. Headline specifications and features of the OpticFilm i include an optical resolution of dpi, dMax of 3.

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I bought it to scan some of my old ‘Kodachrome 64’ slides for my image library. However, 7, vs 4, is a very big difference. Whoever needs opticfilm 7500i occasionally a scan can wait minutes for a scan in highest resolution.

Plustek OpticFilm i SE Scanner | eBay

Very few opticfilm 7500i the images dating back to the 30s have ever been captured digitally. Visit the Luminar web site to try it for free.

To the professional it offers all possibilities for the optimization of the scans. The included software The software equipment opticfilm 7500i the Plustek OpticFilm i is exemplary: Show More Show Less. Like this the flap is always hindering when inserting, this opticfilm 7500i comfortable working with both hands and a slight push against the 750i0 flap shifts the inserted film strip right away again.

More information about SilverFast and the different versions is available on our SilverFast webpage.

OpticFilm 7500i

Opticfilm 7500i way the opticvilm range is supposed to increase. The results are excellent. Altogether one must state that the scanning of framed slides with the Plustek is rather complicated and requires a lot of work. We rated Luminar as ” Highly Recommended “. You can see how the dpi scan hangs on to them all, even where the dpi scan opticfilm 7500i them.

You want opticfilm 7500i know the real world performance, but scanner makers don’t advertise these. This may also depend on the speed of your PC in my case an Intel Centrino 1.

To be fair though, some of SilverFast’s features are actually quite straightforward opticfilm 7500i use. With smaller film strips or with loose single pictures one has extreme difficulties with the positioning.


For the Plustek OpticFilm i too counts:.

According to our opticfilm 7500i table the element 6. With a curved or bowed film strip difficult piecework is announced: If opticfilm 7500i choses the Ai Studio version, then there is additionally an IT-8 calibration target.

Given that QuickScan provides no access to some of the Plustek i’s most useful features, you will have to learn how to use SilverFast, no matter how intimidating it may seem at first sight.

I personally found the Silverfast software intuitive and easy to use.

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Color casts — no problem. In order to demonstrate you the weaknesses of the iSRD function, we have scanned the shown motive once with and once without iSRD. After typing in the serial number opticfilm 7500i the CD cover, scanning can start.

Apple MacOS X The additional fixings fail for very thick glass-framed slides, but opticfilm 7500i spring can be squeezed together so far, that thick slides can be nevertheless inserted into the film holder. Whoever has many regular film strips, is better adviced chosing models with an automatic film 7500i feed and batch processing. The hardware-based dust and scratch correction iSRD delivers truly amazing results, but the processing time per slide rises from less than 1 min to opticfilmm 4 min.

While opticfilm 7500i the opticffilm strip holder one must make sure that the bars opticfilm 7500i the opticiflm are exactly above or below the bars of the holder. That might make my opticfilm 7500i for me right there. You can tell the scanner whether you are scanning a negative or a transparency, whether you want to open the scanned photo in Presto! See how well iSRD cleaned it up. Inserting normal plastic frames works after a certain time of practice quite problem-free.