Thanks again for sharing your findings. This could be what you are seeing. June 26, at 4: November 3, at So, gotta be very very careful with those. Front Page Order Tracking.

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These are helpful general tips, even if not for your specific brand or model drive. Nero Info Tool, Version 2. Hi Greg, thanks for stopping by my blog.

As far as sources of laser diodes — one of the reasons I started breaking into DVD writers to get the diodes philips dvd rw dvd8631 that the DVD drives are so common — I had a couple fvd8631 on my shelf before I even got into philips dvd rw dvd8631.

Upgades are usually permanent once performed and often cannot be undone, except in a few cases on some models. It was very fun, but unfortunately yesterday it reached dvdd maximum, probably, whn i started it, it got extremely bright, even more than before,mand in the nxt moment it just became a simple led, as you said philips dvd rw dvd8631.

Philips dvd rw dvd8631 were really bright. They are experiencing what is known as catastrophic optical damage COD. January 25, at Wear an ESD wrist strap at all times when handling laser diodes. February 12, at Thanks for publishing this, very useful thread! Do not use these infrared diodes.

This program philips dvd rw dvd8631 also read out the firmware level for your drive, when you click on the “Drive” tab at the top. By contrast, DVD-R discs have a dyed plastic bottom recording layer that is designed to actually absorb laser light during the burning process.

Philips DVD, CD — Download Drivers

Which is the power output on mW of each diode? There is a blue diode that will do over 5W and even a green diode now that can do 1.


Hi, thank you for this post. Double Click to expand the listing for philips dvd rw dvd8631 DVD drive. June 26, at 4: This means the burner’s laser must be adjusted for each different dvd831.

IR may be better for some philips dvd rw dvd8631 than red because there are materials most notably- acrylic that are transparent to visible light yet opaque to IR.

The supply was what I could catch first — it was a phone charger 5 and somethng volts, mA, but I gave phioips philips dvd rw dvd8631 diode no more than mA with a simple 1k variable resistor. You can also venture a really rough guess based on the date of manufacture if by some very strange reason no info dve your drive is available on the Internet what is it, from Mars? A quick internet search has lead me to believe it has 16X writing speed and so based off pphilips i should be using mW input?

The 4 diodes in series emulate one red laser diode. April 12, at 9: July 9, at July 29, at They will almost never burn.

DVD, CD Philips — Drivers

phillps We will email the most recent firmware download information to you immediately and future updates and weekly product newsletters as they are released.

Hi Anthony, I completely understand your issue.

Buy them from eBay seller techhood. February 13, at 1: Delayed or back orders are notified by email.