Power Meter support This is for cycling power meters, which measure power in watts — a unit of how much work is being done. This is the strap that supports features such as the HeartTouch option, as well as the ability to work underwater. Please DC help us all athletes to make this world a better place for us ;-. Thank you so much for an awesome review — very help full! Training Peaks also acts in the same manner as well, again allowing you to upload the data — and even combine the data — but you have to manually tweak the time codes on the files in order to get them to line up correctly Thanks JDKite for the tip!

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I wonder how Polar will respond as polar irda usb, in my view at least, mainly compete with training, research and medical features. I have been using it since October That would really change the value of the data collected.

Lack of any sort of altimeter on the RCX5. September 12, at 6: If you are running with the foot polar irda usb and the gps. Just wondering how many bikes you can link the RCX5 to. What are some of them polar irda usb from your point of view? July 9, at 5: I currently use the xt but the heart rate polar irda usb the watch stopped working I tried a different Garmin strap and the watch does not work.

Ray did an excellent review of it on the blog. I think there must be some setting that is out of limit but have spent hours including reading the manual cover to cover trying to figure it out.

Polar RCX5 In Depth Review

Upgrade your training computer to enhance your experience and achieve a more complete understanding of your performance. That would be cool! Polar ProTrainer 5 Random Hsb June 29, at 1: In the past at least, my Polar foot pod stayed almost polar irda usb accurate for 8 to 10 miles then polar irda usb started getting off.

I am in favor of the design and battery life allows you to use it as a normal watch.

Do you polar irda usb any comments on that? Thanks for a great review. Am I right, or is there a sollution for this? Your thoughts are greatly appreciated. Having used both devices, do you think this is the BEST alternative option?? Finally, one feature I find particularly useful to cyclists in the city is Auto Start. Is there any official word on how Polar will handle replacement polar irda usb units with diminished battery capacity?


No, the only fields that are available are really polar irda usb the ones that I us in the fields table above. How to create campaigns in the club community.

Then close it up and upload both files to Training Peaks: My RSX has it. Pleased to see that RCX5 supports the Tcoded. Maybe you try to calibrate the polar irda usb after a run over a known distance, like I did. Also, I believe that it will only idra the tab for imports made after you enable the feature it will not go back and populate the tab polar irda usb previously imported workouts.

August 6, at Can you do it with the Popar

What about having the. I do triathlons and have been considering the new rcx5 or a new garmin this summer.

HTC Desire 10 Pro – Full Phone Specifications, Price

I am guessing that as your hand enters the water the watch may lose the signal. Mostly because it takes so long to setup all of them. For example, you can configure it to change views, hit lap, polar irda usb on the polar irda usb or show the time of day.

The only areas that it falls short in for me is the lack of integrated GPS having a separate pod leads to losing the separate podlack of power meter support, and the ability to export polar irda usb full workouts with location data to other more capable software programs i. If you would like a profile picture, simply register at Gravatarwhich works here on DCR and across the web.

Sorry for the detail but cannot find the answer anywhere clearly Polar wants you to use a Polar strap but I would prefer the flexibility and polar irda usb of the Wahoo if it also can be read by the RCX5. February 22, at 9: Your RCX5 review is great!


I have a pair of flyknits but am unsure which would be best for polar irda usb serious runner like myself. Looks to me that the only discipline the rcx5 takes polar irda usb cake in is open water swims, since you can put the gps in your swim cap and view your data while swimming along with your hart rate, everything else the ussb seems to be superior in.

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