I chose the 1. I compared the Acer to my Dell in common Photoshop tasks real photographers do, not wacky filters that might make an Apple seem super fast. Your eyes, like my camera, can usually focus on the screen rather than the reflection as shown here, like this:. The touchpad works well and includes a four way scroll button. Example of glossy screen and different vantages your eyes and brain might take of focusing on the screen view larger image.

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I had hoped for three or more hours battery life, even from such a high performance notebook.

Quanta KN1 Notebook Review (pics, specs)

Response quanta kn1 is rated quantta 16ms which should eliminate ghosting even in high speed gaming. The keyboard has an excellent feel to it, with a relatively orthodox arrangement of keys.

KN1 frontal view view larger image.

It would be nice to have more USB quanta kn1 on the sides rather than in the back, and the optical drive does get in the way of a mouse if you open it, quanta kn1 these are easy to work around.

Sound quality through the headphone jacks is generally excellent. The KN1 is cooled by a single fan in the upper left corner of the notebook.

Acer Aspire 5670 Series Review (pics, specs)

Under normal light use with a middle screen brightness selected, battery life was around 2: I had to turn the brightness down to get a correct exposure in a bright room — five 60 watt light bulbs hung in a chandelier above the notebook photographed quanta kn1 my floor.

We use the program Super Pi to calculate the number Pi to 2-million digits of accuracy, this is a good way of simply forcing the processor to do work to calculate a number and deriving performance from the time it takes to achieve the end quanta kn1.

The fan is quiet at its lowest speed, quanta kn1 is hardly noticeable except in a completely quiet room.

There are no legacy parallel, serial ports. The touchpad works well and includes quanta kn1 four way scroll button. With the screen on full brightness, this drops down to 2 quanta kn1 and 40 minutes. Under ordinary word processing and Internet browsing use with the wireless on, I got around 3 hours and 10 minutes of battery life. The lid has durable hinges, and there is virtually no screen flex or on1. It is a rather understated no-frills notebook, but it quannta very solid build quality, relatively low weight, quanta kn1, excellent performance, and good battery life.


The arrangement of the ports is adequate. On battery power, the fan comes on about every 10 minutes.

Quanta KN1 Notebook Review (pics, specs) | 01

Furthermore, they go out of their way to make themselves available for contact, being accessible via email, live chat, or even AIM. The KN1 has quanta kn1 8-cell, 71WHr battery pack. The chassis of the laptop does get a little quanta kn1 on the quanta kn1, but not unbearably so.

It was built and shipped within 3 days, and I received it on December 9, Acer right side view view larger image.

Unsharp Mask a Nevertheless, these speakers quanta kn1 relatively good for tiny laptop speakers, rendering good midrange and high notes, and after tinkering with the included Realtek Quanta kn1 Audio controls you can actually make them sound rather substantial. At least with Photoshop, the performance is scaling almost linearly with clock speed and number of cores!

Acer Aspire Series Review (pics, specs) | 01

I have to say I am very impressed with the performance of the Acer with its Core Duo processor. Qkanta places that quanta kn1 the KN1 are: Sometimes, but usually the benefit is smaller. The KN1 has a silver lid made of high-quality hard plastic. But keyboard feeling is quite subjective, quanta kn1 others might not like quanra as quanta kn1 as I do.

Intel Core Duo T 1. Built-in web cam view larger image The screen is about normal brightness for a high quality notebook. The underside can get hot if used on your lap, which seems to insulate the laptop.

Speakers The speakers are mounted quanta kn1 the front, firing forward. I like the slot-loading dvd burner which looks sleek and avoids potential damage.